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SNKR. is an exploration into the heart and "sole" of New Zealand's Sneakerhead community.

From Nikes and Adidas to Air Jordans and Y'3's, the art of sneaker collecting is becoming more and more ingrained into the world of pop culture. That warm, fuzzy feeling of getting your hands on the latest pair of limited edition sneaks, isnt just shared by hundreds but by thousands of people across the country. And the Sneakerhead community is only growing. With the rapid rise in technology, these thousands of Sneakerheads are able to share their love and their passion for sneakers, through social media. 

And we want to give you a sneak preview into a world of art, fashion, creativity and self-expression in the form of a short documentary called "SNKR."

Based in Auckland Central, "SNKR." is a short documentary that explores what it truly means to be a Sneakerhead, where the passion for collecting lies, how social media plays into their world and what these Sneakerheads are willing to do for that latest pair of kicks. 

But to make this film possible, we need your help!

Our names are Georgia Glen (Producer) and Monteil Jones (Director) and we are two 3rd year television students at Auckland University of Technology. This film will be our biggest and our last ever assignment before we graduate. Although this is technically an assignment, we want to treat this as our first ever professional film so in order to make this the best and most efficient production we can, we need your help with funding!

We are asking for $300 that will help us to cover location and travel costs and allow us to provide food for our 3-day shoot, for our hard-working crew and our dedicated Sneakerheads who are taking the time out of their lives to share their passion with us!

Although we cannot provide much in return for your donation, our gratitude will be immense! And we will give each donor a special thank you in the end credits of our film. 

- Georgia & Monteil