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Sister Anzac is a play about the NZ nurses who worked on the hospital ship The Maheno in World War I.

It is an incredibly sensitive story, told with gutsy humour, gritty reality, and pathos.

We workshopped the script for two site specific performances in 2014 (Navy and Maritime Museums) and were so moved by the response of our audiences who wept and laughed and stayed behind to tell us their personal connection to WWI.

We have been granted an Arts Alive grant to move the show into an Auckland theatre and we are seeking a CNZ grant to support this intention.

Meanwhile we have been invited back to the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum to be part of their WWI commemorations for a special 4 night season.

The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum in Devonport was an incredible space to perform in... the museum houses the heart of our story in its collections, and the play is so very, very pertinent to the local community.

We are honoured to accept their invitation to perform there with a freshly refined script, and to know this is step one in a long term plan of the play being fully developed for a theatre production (set & lighting designs to be created and music to be composed by Victoria Kelly).

We are seeking support for the costs of putting our show on at the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum, including costume hire and marketing costs.


  • Accolades and Commemorations


    We made it to our boosted target!  Thank you everyone for your generosity and encouragement.  We feel so incredibly supported by the spirit of your giving... and lets not kid ourselves, the much needed cold hard cash gives us lovely warm fuzzies!

    Last night we went to the opening of the Navy Museum's Commemorative Pavilion with a stunning and heartbreakingly powerful sculpture As Above So Below.  After viewing it up close and within the room we went outside for a sunset performance of WW1 and WW2 songs by the Navy Band which in itself was fabulous. And then were invited to walk along the waterfront to view the Pavilion and sculpture from the outside.  The reflections at that time of night gave the sculpture a unexpected (for us) third dimension - the As Below was suddenly reflected in wavy form as if below water.  Absolutely stunning.

    If you come and see the show we highly recommend you come early enough to gaze at the pavilion from the outside at sunset.  The museum is open for you to wander through before the show as well, and the new AD Boyle Room has ships arm chairs you can relax in.  Only two of them though so you'll have to be first in!

    In our last week of rehearsal before tech week we are steeped in the Navy culture of caring support.  We are once again reminded again that our Navy, as primarily peacekeepers, hold in their hearts the knowledge of all those who have died in the wars before us.  And those people for us at the moment are the nurses and the soldiers they loved and whose bodies and souls they tended.



    Accolades and Commemorations
  • Thank you we are so close - there are halos everywhere


    Hi everyone


    We have just finished a very productive week where the script has been polished until it has its own halo ...  

    The nurses in WWI were often depicted as angels, winged and halo-ed

    But the halo today goes over the top of all you fabulous people who have encouraged us, and helped us feeling like we are floating on air via BOOSTED.

    THANK YOU... we are so close to being there it is a delightful feeling.



    Thank you we are so close - there are halos everywhere