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We are Simple Truth Theatre.

We an emerging theatre company trying to make a difference. It is our intention to work intensely with the students, not only to give them opportunities to observe and critique theatre in preparation for their assessments, but also to inspire the students to actively pursue the arts. We wish to inspire the younger generation to share the same passion for theatre at The Simple Truth Theatre Company.

It is our goal to constantly question and test what makes quality theatre and are always searching for the magic found in live performance. Not only do we pursue the art of the craft but we also value the roots of theatre and what is has to offer in the form of storytelling and being able to communicate effectively. Because of this we are always looking for ways to increase involvement in the arts at all levels. As technology speedily becomes a larger part of our day to day routine, we are losing the ability to relate to one another socially, it becomes even more important to develop the ability to communicate with each other. Naturally we have the desire to work with and inspire the younger generation to participate and find joy in the arts.

We need your help.

There is minimal funding available for companies wanting to involve students in the arts and further theatre education at a high school level. It is something we missed out on growing up in small towns. This year we are returning to our home towns (and others) to give back to the communities that helped us get to where we are now as artists.

We tour with a show that has been tailored to the NCEA specifications and then run workshops on communication and conveying emotion through performance. We hope to inspire and teach these students from a different perspective. We are a young company. We have been in their shoes. We can relate.

Please help us on our journey!

Much love from the team at Simple Truth


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