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Become a Short+Sweet Champion and help this little, big festival celebrate creativity, experimentation and collaboration through its unique and accessible 10-minute format.

Short+Sweet Festival New Zealand needs your support to raise $5,000 for this year's Festival across Auckland and Wellington. As we continue to keep the Short+Sweet Festival a community event that's affordable for audiences, ticket sales alone are not enough to cover festival costs and all funds raised will go towards venue hire, venue related costs and presentation costs. 

As the funding climate continues to change, arts programmes like Short+Sweet New Zealand need an extra little boost to ensure that we continue to make theatre accessible not only to audiences but to practitioners alike by backing the creation of new high quality local theatre in each of our host cities. Unlike our international sister Short+Sweet Festivals, we've always kept submissions free and strived to make Short+Sweet an inclusive and affordable event that the performing arts community feel they can really take ownership of. We need your help to make sure it stays this way!

The Short+Sweet formula is simple. The ten-minute format is constant. Telling the story, in whatever art form, is the paramount consideration. The Festival experience thrives on being open access and culturally inclusive, and with its ten-minute format in all genres, seeks to return ownership of that vital story telling ability to the community.

We value and celebrate a highly democratic approach to the making and presenting of art. Short+Sweet does not distinguish between the emerging and the professional, welcoming both to its ranks and using the skills and experience of one to inform the enthusiasm of the other, while harnessing the passion of both.

To date, Short+Sweet Festival is proud to have produced and showcased hundreds of plays, dances and musicals. Along the way, a strong creative community has formed around Short+Sweet in New Zealand and many of its award winning works have gone on to bigger and better things because of it.


This year Short+Sweet Festival is undertaking the exciting venture of bringing our big, little festival to Wellington! After 6 great Festivals in Auckland, the time is right to share this awesome platform with another New Zealand city. Short+Sweet Festival Wellington will feature a week of Theatre and will be hosted at the lovely BATS Theatre in November, enticing a new group of theatre practitioners to come together to showcase the best works to come out of our windy capitol!

While preparations are well underway with the festival team in full gear and all our talented participants busy rehearsing and putting their pieces together we'd love your support to help make the Festival happen.


CREATING excellent ten minute performance.

SHOWCASING the skills of creators, performers and directors so they go on to professional employment opportunities in the industry.

DEVELOPING the skills of acting, directing and writing for performance through the creation of ten-minute theatrical works.

We're also really proud of the fact that Short+Sweet Festival has steadily increased the diversity of works in the Festival. We are on track to produce a festival that reflects and supports the rich and ever-changing face of New Zealand. 

We'd love for you to join our family of writers, directors, choreographers, actors, dancers, theatre-goers and art lovers and help us get Boosted by spreading the word and donating what you can. Donations of all sizes are welcome - and don't forget, in most cases, are eligible for a tax rebate.

Your support is most appreciated by Short+Sweet Festival New Zealand and all our participants. Please help us get this stellar, one of a kind arts event across the finish line!

- The Sweet Team 


Short+Sweet Festival is a performing arts festival that celebrates the 10-minute performance format across theatre, dance, song and cabaret. Originally out of Sydney, with satellite city festivals all over the world including every major city in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, UAE and USA.

Held annually in Auckland since 2009 it provides a platform for actors, dancers, singers, writers, choreographers, musos and directors to create high quality new work in a professional theatre environment reflecting the Festival city. 

Each rendition of the Festivals in New Zealand is a collaboration by over 350 performers and creatives… all volunteers!  A night at Short+Sweet Festival consists of up to ten dynamic 10-minute works and the audience is presented with a feast of styles and subjects. At the end of the night, the audience is invited to vote for their favourite work to help determine the top works that make it to the Gala Final.


Auckland @ TAPAC
Short+Sweet Dance: 1-6 September
Short+Sweet Theatre: 8-20 September
Short+Sweet Song & Cabaret: 25-27 September

Wellington @ BATS Theatre
Short+Sweet Festival : 3-7 November 


  • 10 hours left!


    We’re 95% funded!! Short+Sweet needs to raise the remaining $240 before midnight TONIGHT to meet our crowd funding goal. Otherwise, all the money raised gets returned.

    The finishing line is so close, please help us get across it by sharing our story! Every email forward, tweet, Facebook shout out, shoulder tap and donation will help Short+Sweet come back better and stronger.

    The Festival isn’t over yet - Theatre has wrapped up and now we’re gearing up for Song & Cabaret this weekend, opening tomorrow night at TAPAC form 7pm. There’s a dress rehearsal tonight with 6 stellar shows and we can’t wait to see them on stage doing their thing.

    Make sure you come along! There’s 4 shows on from 25 - 27 Septemeber concluding with the Gala Award on Sunday evening.

    Thank you so much for believing in Short+Sweet and being our Champion! It’s all or nothing, so please help us reach the goal. You can help us spread the word by sharing this Boosted link around:

    Or, this Facebook post.

    Thank you!
    x The Sweet Team

  • 6 days to go and...


    We’ve passed the $1000 mark!

    Thank you so much Short+Sweet Champions, the Sweet Team have been blown away by your generosity and support.

    There’s 6 more days to go to raise $3600 and we’ve worked out that if every person who loves the Festival gave a coffee’s worth to the cause, we’d get across the line!

    Theatre Week 2 is in full swing with some wonderfully weird shenanigans and laughs galore. It’s fantastic to see the sheer variety on at the Festival both with the ideas and actors on stage.

    There’s two more shows to go before we get into Song & Cabaret season, each with the chance to vote for your favourite piece and have your say on which shows should make it to the Gala Final on Sunday, September 20. Ten pieces will perform at the Gala Matinee and and Gala Final before the Awards in the evening, where there are a whole bunch of prizes up for the taking.

    You can still get tickets to see the show - find out what's on!

    It’d be amazing if you could help us spread the word to all the generous people you know who also love the arts and have some $ to donate - your help to get us Boosted will fully fund this year’s Short+Sweet Festival and keep its heart beating so it may return next year.

    Don’t forget that in most instances, as a donor you can claim 33% tax credit from Inland Revenue (eg. give $100, get $33 back) - bonus!

    x The Sweet Team

    6 days to go  and...
  • Come join the Festival!


    Hi Short+Sweet Champions,

    Thank you very much for your donation to our campaign! We're so grateful for your support in Short+Sweet, every bit counts in keeping Short+Sweet accessible and inclusive for all.

    Short+Sweet Festival is in full swing with a successful, sold out season of Dance just wrapped up. Huge props to the amazing dancers and choreographers which took part this year, and Jessie McCall and Juanita Madden, our artistic coordinators!

    This year, we had 28 dance pieces in our 2 dance programmes from a range of styles, including comtemporary, jazz, hop-hop, tap and even trapeze. Short+Sweet is all about providing a platform for creatives to experiment and perform for new audiences, and we're chuffed to see so many new dancers and choreographers from all backgrounds and experience levels take part this year. To top if off, we had a talent-packed Gala Final - find out who took home the awards here

    If you didn't catch Dance at the Festival you can check out our snaps of Dance's show 1 and show 2.

    Short+Sweet Theatre is on NOW, running from 8 - 20 September with 2 programmes over two weeks. Like Dance, Theatre promises a huge variety of 10-minute productions - there's funny, poignant, endangered pandas, a casket, some whiskey and some grave-digging shenanigans - all going down at Short+Sweet Theatre.

    Get you tickets, come along and check out these talented creatives at TAPAC, we'd love to see you there!

    x The Sweet Team

    Come join the Festival!