Becs Arahanga

Short Film - Laundry

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What happens when two people who love to bonk have children?
"Laundry" is a short film that takes a humorous look at life with children.

Written and directed by first-time filmmaker, Becs Arahanga, and produced by the multitalented and experienced filmmaker, Julian Arahanga, Laundry will be shot in Wellington at the end of November.

Comedic genius Cohen Holloway and the incredibly talented Miriama McDowell are playing the leads in Laundry.

These two fantastic actors will not only bring the film's writing to life, making it a hilarious journey for the audience, but will also enable the film to showcase NZ's high calibre of acting. This, along with Julian's experience and Bec's intuitive and funny insight in to life, will produce a great film with a distinctive New Zealand flavour.

While we do have some costs covered, such as camera and editing equipment, we are seeking $6,500 to make this film.

This will enable us to pay for flights, costuming, catering, equipment and all the other myriad expenses that are incurred while making the film. It will also mean we can pay our cast and crew a little something for sharing with us their precious time and amazing talent.

Any additional money raised will ensure that this film will look and sound the best it can.

Our goal is to make a film that makes people laugh. That allows them to take a humorous look at their own lives and realise they're not the only ones who aren't bonking. And that you can find pleasure in the most unlikely of places.



  • Laundry Boosted Video 2


  • Laundry Boosted Video 2