Mariah Alyssa Medel

Short Film: Hexe

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When he is struck with an unexplainable sickness, the anxieties of a typical young man leads him to suspect supernatural causes. "Hexe" is a contemporary thriller centred around a couple and their withering relationship.


The film is the adoptive baby of two iconic films, combining the domestic psychological horror of Rosemary's Baby and the political commentary of Get Out.

As a group of undergraduate Screen Production students at the University of Auckland, we decided to collaborate on a final project as a graduating cohort. After brainstorming and collaborating together to formulate ideas - a process that lasted six months - "Hexe" came about. Initially we discussed what the themes, politics, and ideas we wanted to tackle with our film, and how we'd execute it differently. As a diverse group of creatives coming from various backgrounds, we wanted our project to reflect our generation of filmmakers, while creating an interesting premise to work with. 

This thriller-drama follows Tom, an average guy whose life has been changed due to the unexpected supernatural events that he becomes aware of. Despite the title, more broadly, the film is not about witches but the process of radicalising belief, showing how the male-driven anxieties of someone like Tom can twist into something dangerous. 


Since we're all university students, we are trying to make this project happen by pitching in however much we can. But, this puts a bit of a strain on us (as #brokestudents), so we need your help! We really want to execute this project as professionally as we can, most importantly by making sure that we pay our actors with more than food. We also need money for location hire, food, transport costs, and some equipment. As the entire crew is putting in the work voluntarily, we still want to provide a professional set environment, and relieve at least some of the stress for everyone's hard work. We also don't want to worry too much about trying to obtain "freebies" to function as a crew.

If this film is something you'd like to see happen, please support us!


Director: Benjamin Zambo

Producer: Alyssa Medel

Writer: Benjamin Zambo & Elizah Walby

Cinematographer: Anita Soleimani

Production Team: Xin-Ee Beh, Jessica Thio, James Fink Jensen, Amelia Rintoul

Crew: Alex Holden, Dharni Manga, Aitken Lau, Jonathon Fong, Nam Woon Kim, Reece Skelley

Editors: Mike Qiu & Sapati Apa