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Visiting the Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum is a breath-taking, sensory, art-in-nature experience. We want to share it with more people.

Visitors to the magnificent 17.5 hectare arboretum discover more than 50 sculptures and installations within one of New Zealand's largest outdoor galleries along the 2km nature trail. This is a unique creative space, ideally suited to sculpture, performances, art exhibitions, environmental and arts education.

The site provides panoramic vistas over the fertile Waikato valley. It contains intimate tree-enclosed spaces and interesting landforms including towering cliffs, rocks, a stream, many ponds, and small water cascades. More than 20,000 trees and shrubs have been planted, as part of its 25 year restoration from a former quarry. 

The Sculpture Park and Arboretum was open every day from November 2004 to 2013, each year holding a full annual programme of exhibitions. Currently the park is only open by appointment. It no longer has the profile of new exhibitions and many people think it is closed. Visitor numbers have dropped from a peak of 9000 visitors in 2013 down to around 300 annually. Even though entry charges don't cover the cost of maintenance, charges remain a barrier to its use.

We want to reopen as a free-entry public park that more people can enjoy, and so we invite you to show your support. Together, we can recognize its value to the community and save it for future generations.

To make this a reality, we need to cover the costs of maintaining the park and any health and safety concerns. So our first step is to contract impartial assessments of the park's upkeep and of any safety issues, and this is where you can help.

Your donation will help us to cover the costs of independent reports on:
• Full maintenance costs
• Full assessment of safety and hazard measures
• Options for funding the park long-term-and presentations to the identified potential funders

We will report back to supporters with the results of this assessment, and then approach potential sponsors to cover the ongoing costs of maintaining the park.

Thanks for your support!