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Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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Bring Shakespeare back to the beating heart of the city! Production company Bright Orange Walls is taking to the streets again to transform an existing Wellington venue into the destination of a wild and immersive theatrical event. This year we are teaming up with re.SPACE on Victoria Street to bring Shakespeare's raucous comedy Twelfth Night to life as a glitzy exhibition opening like nothing you've ever witnessed. Ever been (dragged) to an "opening night event"? Free drinks, nibbles, best attire, networking, kisses-on-the-cheek, painted smiles and, Oh!, such wonderful art! A cheeky love letter to Wellington's artsy identity, Bright Orange Walls' Twelfth Night will reveal how we paint ourselves for other people, and what happens when the veneer peels off. This is an immersive, interactive, pop-up theatre event. Expect laughter, artwork, live music, chit-chat, gossiping, love blossoming, cross-dressing, mistaken identities, grand pretences and, of course, booze. Oh, and paint.

We are seeking a final $2,500 to take this project to its full potential.

We have already secured a raft of support from local businesses keen to start the new year with a splash of colour. A cast of professional actors and designers are assembled, rehearsals have begun and opening night (22nd January) draws ever closer. The funding from this BOOSTED campaign will go directly into materials for set, costume and poster design - to make the event look and feel authentic and beautiful, and to make sure as many people as possible know about it!


Bright Orange Walls is a producer of new theatrical encounters in Wellington, NZ. We are committed to providing a space in Wellington where makers work at the height of their artistry to craft brave theatrical events for an invigorated audience. 2015 marks the beginning of a new mandate for BOW, as we seek new sustainable platforms for theatre collaborations to showcase the breadth and depth of theatre the city can support.

Help us make surprising theatre in Wellington. Nothing excites us like discovering the hidden magic in a pre-existing space, be it a room, a building or an empty lot. This year our production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed in a disused warehouse with the support of Urban Dream Brokerage, won Highly Commended in the Best Of Fringe category, and was nominated for Best Theatre:

"... the production by the new and highly talented company Bright Orange Walls, under Samuel Phillips' lively direction, is fresh, funny, and a shot in the arm for people like me who feel like Shakespeare needs a rest for a while." Laurie Atkinson, Dominion Post

"The vibe is like a warehouse party from the late nineties." Hannah Smith, Theatreview.

"Wow this was amazing! Energetic, innovative, exciting and FUN! Sweet use of space too. Thank you for thoroughly entertaining us last night" Hannah Kelly, audience member. 

"This is an excellent production. I've seen this play literally dozens of times, and I have never enjoyed it more than I did last night. Congratulations, BOW!" James McKinnon, audience member.


  • Happy holidays, and thank you!


    We made it! Our people are now on a short break for the Christmas holidays, but I'm hearing a lot of messages of gratitude and excitement from the cast and crew. Thank you all. This means we can forge ahead with a lot more clarity and precision now that we've filled this last gap in our resources. We reconvene on the 7th of Jan, and then a short couple of weeks to opening night. It is, very much, showtime. 

    To everyone who donated and passed on your details, we will keep you updated. Please don't underestimate the value of your support. We sure won't.

    For now, happy holidays, and we'll see you in the new year!



  • 70 per cent there, 70 per cent there


    So we've got 30% to go, and five days left. We're so thrilled. This has been a very quick campaign, and we are so, so happy and humbled with the support we're getting from the community. Amazing. Thank you. 

    We're also very happy to share the news that Twelfth Night director Samuel Phillips won Most Promising New Director at the Chapman Tripp theatre awards on Sunday night. It was a wonderful, night for many great theatre makers in the city, and we are very grateful to have shared in the celebrations. 

    Please keep spreading the news as the days keep ticking down. We're almost there!

    Much love, 


  • Things are coming into view!


    Firstly, thanks to everyone who has donated so far. It's half-time on our campain, and we're halfway there. Your support is keeping us buoyed and excited as we race through the pre-Christmas crunch. We're almost halfway through our rehearsals too – some beautiful discoveries being made on the floor as we unpack Shakespeare's poetry. Some costumes and paint arriving in the rehearsal room too. Next year we begin rehearsals at re.SPACE – can't wait!

    Here's a sneak peak at our (almost complete) poster, designed by the hugely talented Callum Devlin. Some of the BOOSTED funds will go to printed these beauties!

    If you think you know anyone who might be interested in supported this show, please point them to this site. And hope to see some of you in the audience in January!

    Thanks again,


    Things are coming into view!