Elliott Andrews

SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company

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Twenty-four young thespians have been selected from around Aotearoa to perform at the Globe Theatre in London to show off New Zealand's incredible performance skills. My name is Elliott Andrews, and I am one of these 24.

We will be travelling to London in July where we will be working on a 20 day intensive rehearsal process and workshop course, honing our stagecraft and skills for the big show.

I need your help to get there. I've been working hard to raise the $8,000 I need to cover my end of the costs but I'm a few grand shy, and my time is running out. So please help me achieve my dream. Every little bit counts.

I've been an entertainer almost all my life, recently I've taken up fire eating and juggling (as seen in the photos), but the stage is where my true passion will always be. Acting is the core of who I am, and this opportunity I've been given is not only a chance to extend my skills, but a chance to extend who I am as a person.

Thank you for your help in making my dream a reality.




    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! we've reached the goal of $1500!!! And it is thanks to all of you. A huge thankyou to everyone whose donated :D

    This is going help so much with my funding. I've still got more to cover so let's see if we can go above and beyond ???!!!! :D 

    Again, thank you all :D

  • Nearly there everyone!!!


    Hello everyone!!! Everyone has been so generous. Everthing is going great so far and we are so close :D Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get this far :D Just a little more to go!!!

  • THE $1000 MARK


    WOW, I can't believe it! We've hit the $1000 already! I'm so grateful to each and every one of you :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! AAHHHH

  • Third day of campain


    WOW, I never expected this to be so sucsessful so quickly!!! Thank you so much to all of my doners so far :D I'll be in london at my goal and in London in no time :D