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I was initially drawn to this programme because of the fantastic experience I had as part of the 2011 Teacher's Go Global Group, which travelled to London, completed workshops, and performed on the Globe stage. I learnt more in those two weeks about Shakespeare than I had previously learnt at University and through teaching! I wanted to develop my understanding of Shakespeare even more, and return to the sacred ground of The Globe.

I am a teacher by day but I have been involved in theatre for many years. In the past 5 years I have evolved from actor to director. I really feel that there is not a lot of training in New Zealand geared towards emerging directors. I have taken courses in Directing but did not feel that a one day course in directing was enough, so, this emerging theatre course seemed perfect. A condensed professional development course which could help to enhance my directing skills.

There is a strong 'Shakespearean culture' in Palmerston North, where I live. We have an annual outdoor Shakespeare, as well as a Shakespeare Festival in April, and the SGCNZ Festivals. Last year, I collaborated and started my own theatre company, and our first production was an all-female Macbeth. Then, in April this year, I directed an evening of scenes from Shakespeare's women. Both shows were well received in Palmerston North and some even sold out. This tells that there is a future in directing Shakespeare's work here in the Manawatu. With more hands on experience, I really feel there is worth in upskilling people like myself.

I would like to work alongside theatre practitioners to gain a sense of how they interpret the text and make the play come alive for a contemporary audience. I am very interested in the 'process' of directing a Shakespeare play. I have experience working with large productions and small productions but I am always keen to learn more. I am particularly keen on the staging and space used in the Globe and how that space can be interpreted in other ways - how the use of voice and the relationship with the audience is used effectively, and how the text is broken down to reveal clues about how to perform the scene or show understanding of themes and ideas. I am interested in also strengthening my leadership skills.

This course will allow me to work with professional Globe Theare practitioners: view their teaching/directing practices; particpate in workshops; and help faciliate young actors towards a professional performance in The Globe's Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. I also hope to view plenty of live theatre while I am in London. I would greatly appreciate your support in getting me to The Globe for this amazing 'once in a lifetime' experience :-)


  • Skin Theatre - 3 clowns with a dream!!!!


    Awesome article in the Manawatu Standard tonight about our project with PANZ and Massey University. SO much of what I do I owe to Lana Sklenars and Maree Gibson - my co-producers at Skin Theatre :-) They support me, unconditionally, in my artisitic process and I can't wait to return from The Globe brimming with ideas to pass onto them and our team. Check our facebook page:

    Skin Theatre - 3 clowns with a dream!!!!
  • Crazy clown week!


    With less than two weeks until I leave and only 6 days left to donate, life has been crazy as a teacher at Feilding High School!! Yesterday, my Year 11 Drama class completed their first assessment of the year on Clowning!!! The 4 year old audience members loved it, as well as the Year 9's who were also desperate for a photo. I'll be sad to not teach my classes next term but am looking forward to meeting the students in London, and seeing how they react and get stuck into Shakespeare :-) THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and who keeps on giving - much appreciated :-)

    Crazy clown week!
  • Student success!!


    Today I took 33 of my students from Feilding High School to the SGCNZ Otago University Sheilah Winn Regional Shakespeare Festival - we participate in the Whanganui/Manawatu region and our assessor was the honourable Peter Hambleton! There were 17 scenes from 5 different high schools and we were so stoked to come away with the Best 15 Minute Scene for the piece I directed from All's Well That Ends Well - we also picked up the Best Costume Award and one of our 5 minute pieces won The Best Music prize. The kids are sooo excited about heading to Nationals - I'm gutted I won't be there, as I'll be in London but I really do think that all the stuff that I'm learning from the Globe is paying off. I love seeing my students benefit from the learning I have undertaken - I cannot wait to bring back the amazing knowldege I will gain form this trip. Please keep supporting me - only a few days left to reach my target!! :-)

    Student success!!
  • Less than 3 weeks to go!!


    Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated to my trip!!! There is less than 3 weeks left before I fly to London to spend 9 weeks training and working for the Globe Theatre. HUGE thank you to my sister Chelsea Green, who has been selling cupcakes at Petit Fours to help with funding in Palmerston North! My family and friends have been amazing too. I am super excited about my theatre company SKin Theatre - we will be working alongisde Dr Angie Farrow and The Playwright Association of New Zealand in September - so I will be able to bring my skills and knowledge back tot he Manawatu and use in this showcase of short award winning plays, which we are presenting. Not long now - keep supporting - I really appreciate ti!!! Kelly :-) 

    Less than 3 weeks to go!!

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