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IVF isn't foolproof and IUDs aren't failsafe. iPhones come with ovulation apps and being married doesn't mean you have to breed.

The Adam Award winning play Seed, by Elisabeth Easther, follows four women as they try to get pregnant, stay pregnant or become un-pregnant - the dilemmas of modern reproduction.

This highly relatable play is now going on the road, with stops everywhere from Whitianga and Ōpōtiki through to Hawea and back up to Hawera (plus a few stops in some of those less off the beaten tracks places like Christchurch and Auckland). Come and be part of the germination of Seed, as we journey to 19 different theatres all around New Zealand.

Your assistance will go towards rehearsing the show and creating a great design for it; just because we're going to smaller theatres doesn't mean we don't want to give them a big performance, and we're committed to putting together a professional show that entrances, moves, and entertains every audience we perform to.

"With moments of side splitting hilarity coupled with those of heart wrenching poignancy, Easther cleverly interweaves the stories of the friends with comments from each direct to the audience. Insightful and revealing, each character shows a different aspect of the trials and tribulations surrounding conception...this is aided in no small part by Kerryn Palmer's creative and well orchestrated production...There are many moments to savour in this production and many that will ring true for a vast majority of the audience making it one that is well worth seeing." - Ewen Coleman, Dominion Post


  • Almost there!


    Almost there!
  • Cast and crew update


    We're thrilled to be able to annouce our cast and crew and even more thrilled to have such a brilliant team bringing Seed around the country soon! 



    Emily Regtien

    Carrie Green

    Sophie Hambleton

    Hannah Banks

    Tom Knowles

    Director: Kerryn Palmer 

    Set designer: Lucas Palmer

    Stage manager and technical operator: Neal Barber

  • Off the mark!


    Whoa, we're at 15% of our target already. A BIG THANKS to everyone who has contributed so far - you're all champions.