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Scarlet & Gold

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Scarlet & Gold by acclaimed playwright and actor Lorae Parry is a powerful new play with music and dance - inspired by the real events of the 1912 Waihi Gold Miners 'strike. It follows the changing fortunes of three very different women who clash dramatically during the strike. The play opens at Circa Two on November 25.

As the strike drags on leader, Bill Parry, along with many of the miners, is imprisoned in Mt Eden. While the men are in prison, the women take over the fight. Quite quickly, their ordinary lives become extraordinary and they find strength in finding their voices. This long and bitter strike that led to major changes in industrial law and the formation of the Labour Party in 1916 still has significance today.

Scarlet & Gold is a play about love, justice, courage and equity. It harks back to a time when fundamental beliefs about a 'fair-go for all' were entrenched in the New Zealand psyche. The gulf between rich and poor that leads to the strike provides a sombre reflection on the social and economic conditions today.


A finalist in the Adam Play Award, Scarlet & Gold has already demonstrated its 'sparkle' at a recent public reading to a packed audience at Circa. Author Rachel McAlpine described it as "a brilliant work" about a timely and important piece of history. "It's going to be a hit do not doubt it," she said. For those who loved Parry's celebrated play Eugenia, or who laughed themselves silly at Destination Beehive - Scarlet & Gold offers a great pre-Christmas night out.

Directed by Kate JasonSmith, with choreography by Jan Bolwell and musical direction from Laughton Pattrick, Scarlet & Gold also features a large talented cast with Parry in a lead role, as well as celebrated actors: Todd Rippon, Carmel McGlone and Jon Pheloung among many others.

The play is being produced independently without government agency funding. We have already secured over $28,000 of our budget from donations, private investment, play readings and arts' patrons.

How you can help

We'd be incredibly grateful if you could help us raise the remaining $7,000 we need to support our large talented cast and improve our meagre budgets for staging, props and costumes. You can help us 'get over the wire' by donating to our crowdfunding campaign on Boosted.

You can also support us by circulating: this link to our website to your friends and whanau - https://loraeparry.com/

Organising: a pre-Christmas group booking: http://www.circa.co.nz/package/scarlet-gold/

Or, promote us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scarletandgoldtheplay/




  • Thank you!


    Our Scarlet & Gold Boosted Campaign ended yesterday with $9,010 in the kitty – 28% above the $7,000 target we set ourselves. We’re really are thrilled with the result. Thank you so much to the 53 donors who made this possible. Lorae, Kate, Jan and all the other members of the cast and crew are incredibly grateful and really appreciate your messages of support and encouragement.

    When we last updated you on progress we had $260 left to raise in six days. You’ve all done us proud, you’ve really made a difference! An especially big thank you to our major donors who really added momentum to the campaign.

    Only ‘one more sleep’ until opening night tomorrow (November 25). We’ll looking forward to seeing some of you there and on subsequent nights. While we have some big houses lined-up we’d still appreciate any help you can give us - promoting the show. Ideally we’d like a full house every night!


    Allie & Tiziana

  • A big thank you to our 46 very generous donors


    We’re ‘over the moon’ with the success of our Boosted campaign. A big thank you to our 46 very generous donors. You’ve helped us raise $6,740 - (96%) of the $7,000 we need! We only have $260 left to raise with 6 days left to go! We’re incredibly grateful. We’ve loved your support messages. You are ‘just the best”.

    It would be brilliant if we could raise more than $7,000 to off-set the costs of the campaign and have extra money in the kitty for marketing and publicity. (Apparently, the average successful Boosted project raises 111% so it would be fantastic if we could be one of these.)

    Its getting exciting now with opening night only a week away (October 25). We’re really looking forward to your company during the show season. Make sure you book tickets and encourage others to come too.

    Any help you can give us in promoting the show to others would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much

    Allie & Tiziana