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SCANZ 2015:water*peace

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SCANZ2015:water*peace brings together tangata whenua, artists, scientists, and technologists with the local communities of Parihaka and Nga Motu New Plymouth, for a two week three weekend residency. It includes short term exhibition of works along the Huatoki Stream walkway, public activity day, night time video projections and a walking symposium.

The project begins on the 18th and 19th of January at Parihaka, days when the inspirational prophets of peace, Te Whiti and Tohu are celebrated.

In the weeks that follow the participants will engage with a range of local groups and people to create projects to be exhibited and presented during a public activity day, and temporarily along the banks of the Huatoki stream walkway.

There are plans for workshops with the children of Parihaka and with local New Plymouth kids as part of their holiday programmes. We will be testing water, looking at water from scientifc and creative apsects, presenting spontaneously collaborative works, and night time projections on buildings.

We do not pay the artists a fee but instead try to cover their costs. The participants, like many people, are conceerned about the environment and the human relationship to it.

So they are happy to fundraise to attend SCANZ, and we at Intercreate believe it is important to connect communities in regard to turning the human relationship to the environment positive.

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