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Satisfied Customers

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We are Rumpus Room and we are currently rehearsing a new show called 'Satisfied Customers', written by Ben Wilson and directed by Keegan Bragg. From the great success of Ben Wilson's previous shows we have scored a space in the wonderful Propeller Space in BATS Theatre, seasoning from 5th October - 14th October!

We are asking for some support in getting Satisfied Customers up and running! With this money going towards predominantly the set and costumes, alongside rehearsal spaces and additional costs such as transport (petrol, bus cards, ubers) getting to and from band rehearsals and equipment.

What's the show about?

The Satisfied Customers are a Wellington-based band whose musical skill sits firmly below average. With a drummer who can't drum, a bassist who can only play the violin, and a lead guitarist stuck in NCEA success stories, The Satisfied Customers are on their way to nowhere.

A passionate parent offers the band an opportunity. Write a jingle for a new, unreleased product, and make the big time. The only problem is The Satisfied Customers have no idea what the product is.

Fuelled by a drive for fame and glory the band come up with a scheme; write a jingle that could sell anything… ever. And so begins the ultimate quest for creative fulfilment and the ultimate test of creative integrity.

How far do people let their moral compass stretch for self-gain or self-preservation? There's no easy way to go from band to brand…

To find out… donate to our Boosted campaign and help Satisfied Customers come alive!