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Over a two week residency period the Pearce gallery will be used as a recording environment for experimentation with instrument building, sound design and sample based music and composition. The recordings/samples taken during these 2 weeks will be archived accordingly.


During the 2 weeks, times will be available for the public to create and experiment in the space. A timetable with signup options to book a session for recording samples and instruments will also be available. 


These sessions will be focused on recording purely acoustic/organic sounds, which can later be processed digitally if so desired.


During the residency

* Field recording expeditions.

* Building experimental instruments for recording

* Collaborative recording sessions

* Collecting objects and archiving the sounds they produce

* Composing sample based music

* Audio processing

* Possible performances


The money raised from this campaign will help towards

* Recording/monitoring equipment

* Cabling

* Materials to build instruments


Residency dates and times


6-17 May


About Peter!


Peter Walsh is an artist, and musician born in Harare, Zimbabwe and grew up in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. He holds a BFA from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design (2017). His practice focuses on the meditative aspects of art making, utilising sound, natural reclaimed materials and manual hand based processes. Peter draws inspiration from spiritual architecture, mythology, science fiction and philosophy, with an emphasis on purpose, belief and the absurd. Recent exhibitions include, Meditations/Histories, TÜR Studio, Auckland (2017) and PLATFORM, HOTDATE, Auckland, (2016) Rituals, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin.