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Same But Different

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How would your relationship with your best friend change if they were to change gender?

It's a question I'd not asked myself until recently, when my husband's best friend announced that he was transitioning to a woman.

Byron and my husband Neil have been best mates for nearly 25 years. I've witnessed Byron's joy in finally being able to reveal her true self and I've seen Neil's grief at the loss of the old Byron, his friend and trusted climbing companion.

In 'Same But Different' I explore the challenges facing these two friends and ask, can their friendship transition too?

We are proud that 'Same But Different' has been selected for Loading Docs along with nine other incredible short films. If we can reach our target of $2000 Loading Docs will match this dollar for dollar. If you can help us raise more than that we can enhance the film we make for you with things like original music and a few bells and whistles in the cinematography department.

Every little bit counts and we thank you so much for your support.

Louise, Sue and the 'Same But Different' team.




    To our wonderful family, friends and colleagues - thank you for helping us meet our Boosted target!

    We’d also like to shout out our thanks to all our industry friends who are giving us services and equipment for free, or at dramatically reduced prices.

    We simply couldn’t make our film without you all.

    As you know, we are taking a road trip to Aoraki/Mt Cook, a place of almost spiritual significance to Byron and Neil. While Aoraki will prove a stunning back-drop to our story, it’s absorbing a huge part of our budget in travel expenses, filming permits and location fees. So even though we have met our Boosted target we have not yet raised the budget for our film. Please support us to get on the road, and continue to share our story with your friends and family.

    Thank you

    Louise and Sue



    To our dear family, friends and colleagues who have given us such whole-hearted support on Day 1 of our campaign - thank you! We are overwhelmed. With your generous contribution we are that much closer to making our film a reality.

    As you might expect, there are many expenses associated with producing a film, from travel to location fees and camera cards. When we hit our Boosted target of $2000 any additional support will go towards covering our production expenses and bringing you the best film possible. So please, continue to like and share our film and lend your extraordinary support however you can.

    Thank you!

    Louise and Sue


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