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Currently in pre-production, "SAFE" is a psychological drama / thriller short film written and directed by Connor Slattery and Samantha Crews, and produced by Jessica Thio and Tayla Marlow.

Kate, in a desperate attempt to save her toxic long-term relationship with Nathan, organises a holiday in the Coromandel. On their first night they are interrupted by two lost tourists, who Nathan invites to stay. When Nathan organises a trip for them all to an iconic beach, things take a turn for the worst.

SAFE explores themes surrounding loneliness within the confines of a toxic romantic relationship, and the consequences this can have on both those in the relationship and on outsiders. At the heart of it, this is a raw story about young adults made by young adults, for young adults.

The production will be an independent alumni short film made by students from The University of Auckland film school with some industry supervision. It is partly inspired by the Swedish tourist disappearances on the Coromandel peninsula in the late 1980s, and real life recent events which will give the film a contemporary setting.

On this project's completion it will be entered into the following Film Festivals: Show Me Shorts, Sydney Lift-off, Melbourne Underground, Arohanui Film Fest and more in the USA as we gain traction here in Australasia.

We are currently seeking funding for the production phase of our film, and would love you to play a part in bringing out story to the screen. As this is an on-location away shoot, we are seeking funding for travel costs, catering and accommodation.