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"Rudely Interrupted" visit to the Manawatu

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"They stand apart from their peers - not because of the intellectual disabilities from which they all live with, but because their music is some of the most energetic and genuine to emerge from the Australian rock 'n' roll underground in recent times.  Their songs lift the band above the realm of novelty and give them a cultural cache in the image-obsessed world of indie rock."     Time Out, Sydney


We are so excited to bring Melbourne based rock band "Rudely Interrupted" to come and play in Palmerston North.  At this stage they have accepted our invitation to play at Te Manawa in early November. This event is an extension of our group, "Creative Journeys," working relationship with Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science & History. This will also compliment the IHC, "Take a Moment," exhibition which is on display there from September through to the New Year.  Most importantly though, this event will encourage music lovers from our broad and diverse spectrum of groups in our community, to come together in celebration of musical talent. Talent like this proves how equalising the arts can be for anyone in our community; regardless of disability or perceived difference. These musicians are role models to anyone out there who may feel underestimated by mainstream society.

Rudely Interrupted has achieved international recognition - they were the first band ever to be invited to play at the UN in New York! And I hope, as you take this journey with us, you will recognise our need to have great role models like these people, perform for our community members.


Their Music Manager and fellow band member Rohan Brooks explains:-

"These guys were like many thousands of budding young musicians living with disability, the intense musical therapy of "rock n roll" over the past 6 years has seen these guys grow beyond anybody's expectations and it goes to prove, with a little talent and the right support - Anyone can achieve professional excellence."


A little more background…

Creative Journeys is a special place formed by the enthusiasm and passion of its founders, with no financial gain desired.  Their vision was to provide art-based meaningful day programmes for our community members who are often excluded from the conventional "norms "of day time activity. 

People seeking our services include: those affected by intellectual disability; persons coping with mentally challenging conditions; and often those facing tragic personal changes after accidents. 

We are the only independent arts based group in our region.  Recognition in recent years has culminated in many visual art exhibitions; theatre performances; and recently we won the "Sheriden Hickey Cup for Outstanding Performance," for our colourful interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, at the Speech & Drama competitions.

Most evident in our artists' work is the unceasing motivation that music can play their lives.  It provides a medium of expression that can be equalising for them… they can express themselves wholeheartedly and are noticed for their talent and not their perceived difference.

Underpinning the New Zealand Disability Strategy is a vision of a fully inclusive society. New Zealand will be inclusive when people with impairments can say they live in: 'A society that highly values our lives and continually enhances our full participation.'

That aim in mind, we have taken strides to connect our artists with the wider community.  We now have artist's working in the public space at Te Manawa Art Gallery, and learning specialised music and theatre skills with mainstream companies.  We recognise that our resources are limited and we want our wider community to help our artists to be just like their heroes.  One band in particular gave us the insight to what can be achieved by tenacity, talent and the right support.  "Rudely Interrupted" have overcome disability challenges and "rock band" challenges to eventually achieve international success. They are a living example to those with and without disability, of success as a recognised rock band.  Plus they are a fantastic example of achievement through belief and community collaboration. 

After showing many in our region the Rudely's "Cannes LA" Grand Prix  award winning video "Close my eyes" and their AFI nominated Documentary, on You tube, they became excited at the prospect of our City hosting them.  They could see how their music could benefit and unite our disability and mainstream communities. We could all see how they could inform us and inspire us to follow in their footsteps!

The following links are well worth a look for you to get some knowledge about who these guys are. However, just a general Google search and you find all the information you need to see why people are inspired by their music and their tenacity.  (watch this award winning video, it's worth it!)

Creative Journeys; Te Manawa Art Gallery; Creative Sounds & the Palmerston North City Council with CreativeNZ are supporting our desire to have two concerts here in the Manawatu.  If we can find the means we would make the most of their visit, by inviting local artists to also perform in support, and by having as lower cost entry as possible to the performances. We would also run workshops and/or artist talks to inform and inspire everyone to aim for the highest goals imaginable.  Rudely Interrupted have proven that anyone can achieve so much with the right support.   


  • Well we tried!!!!! So thanks for all your efforts


    I am afraid we have run out of time for our project to reach target.  Unfortunately we haven't managed to reach target.  Regardless, I would like to thank the Boosted Team especially Mark Michel and Bryna O'Brien for all of their serious efforts to make magic happen!!

    THANK YOU!! to all our donators, who I gather will be offered the opportunity to donate to another project/the arts foundation or will be offered back their funds, if you still want your funding to go towards our project please email me on

    We are still working on it so thank you so much for your support!!! We love what Boosted is doing to help the Arts and we will support other projects when we can!!!  This experience has been very valuable and I appreciate all of the support given especially the enthusiasm!!!!!

    warmest regard, Dee x

  • Big thank you to Soundworks Palmerston North!!


    Due to our inspiration from Rudely Interrupted's success, we scraped up some funds to get a few of our talented artists to go to Soundworks studio (a community company training future musicians from all walks of life) to get some one on one music lessons from the wonderful music teachers there.  They were so welcoming to us and our exciting just recently they held one of their concerts showcasing many of the youth thay teach and while featuring our artists among them, they promoted our cause to get Rudely to the Manawatu and asked for donations.  I would like to thank them for their support and encouragement for what we are trying to do in merging our communities under one banner of... we all love music in one form or another... no matter who we are or what challenges we face.


    THANKYOU SOUNDWORKS and especially LIZ AND ROSE!!!!!!!!!!! we won't forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  • Latest great news for Rudely!!!!




    Rudely Interrupted

    We had some great news from Aus Arts Council last week. We were successful with our grant to help fund the recording of 'New Works' Our 4th independent studio release! Yippee Yi Yay!

    We were putting some finishing touches to the demos today and they sound soooo good! We can't wait to unleash these gems..

    We want to involve everyone we can to help this yet un-named release, make as much noise as possible. We're putting together a 'crowd funding' campaign to help support the promotional budget and we've got some really unique opportunities for everyone to play a part in helping the band kick some arse!

    We'll keep you posted on another exciting sonic adventure.. Thanks troops.. x

    Latest great news for Rudely!!!!
  • WOW!!!


    The excitement is building! and so are the donations, thanks again to the latest supporters of our event!  We have a few of Creative Journeys Members playing at a concert this weekend and they are collecting donations on our behalf, so thank you to "Soundworks" Palmerston North for their efforts!! not much time left for us to reach target so spread the word people we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14 days and counting!!! xxxxxxxxx

  • Big Big thank you!!!


    So many people are excited about this project we just need to keep the momentum going!!!! Here is a treat watch Rudely Interrupteds award winning video!!  Follow this link!


  • Big Big thank you!!!


    So many people are excited about this project we just need to keep the momentum going!!!! Here is a treat watch Rudely Interrupteds award winning video!!  Follow this link!




    Thank-you to those who have donated so far!!! 28 days to go and quite a bit more to raise.. but every bit counts!!! THANK YOU!.. By the way Rudely Interrupted has announced that they will be writing songs to funders - AWESOME!!!!

  • The Mutes from Mars are coming!!!


    WOW!!! we are so lucky to have Auckland band "The Mutes from Mars" coming in November to not only support Rudely Interrupted's visit, but our community celebration of diversity!!!  Watch this space for more news about them soon! If you want to see how they are doing, please watch the TVNZ programme "Attitude" this weekend, who are revisiting them and their progress as a significant talented band of NZ making!!!


  • Latest Rudely tour insight!!


    We do have some good news folks! We are pleased as punch to be performing in Hong Kong. Our 8th international tour! This is our Chinese name: 活力搖滾
    It means, energetic & lively rock n roll. Pronounced, wood lig yiu gwon

    Latest Rudely tour insight!!
  • WOW latest photo of the band live!!


    WOW latest photo of the band live!!