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Rotunda to Holland

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The New Zealand Dance Company has been invited to perform Rotunda, at the prestigious Holland Dance Festival in February 2014, a festival that is famous for celebrating the world's most exciting dance companies. Described as "..another fierce and fabulous strike for professional and profound contemporary dance in New Zealand" (Bernadette Rae, NZ Herald, Aug 2013), Rotunda features the presentation of fervent NZ dance set to NZ music performed live by a Dutch band. How cool is that?

Created by Artistic Director and Arts Laureate Shona McCullagh in collaboration with the NZDC dancers, musician Chris O'Connor and composer and fellow Arts Laureate Don McGlashan as Musical Director, this unique work premiered at Q Theatre, Auckland in August 2013.  Featuring the powerful collision of a live brass band with the raw beauty of contemporary dance, Rotunda brings to life the world of the significant, but increasing lonely New Zealand icon, the band rotunda.  

Produced in preparation for the forthcoming Anzac Centenary, the work speaks to the heart of change and crisis, where courage and compassion are illuminated by a haunting, jaunty and deeply felt score. Rotunda features the rich contemporary brass music of New Zealand composers including Gareth Farr, John Ritchie and Don McGlashan, woven with traditional hymns to conjure the emotional landscape of a seminal time in New Zealand's history.

"The choreography is vigorous with moments of humour and tender intimacy."

".....this is a sure winner for the New Zealand Dance Company."

Francesca Horsley, The NZ Listener, September 2013.

In 2011 The New Zealand Dance Company was founded with the commitment to making new connections to dance, presenting high-calibre, engaging and relevant contemporary dance that inspires and grow audiences nationally and internationally. With comments like 'Absolute magic!' and 'Haunting, frightening, beautiful. More please!!!' from Rotunda audience members, we know we're on the right track.

It is an honour to be able to showcase our talented New Zealand artists and these important New Zealand stories at the Holland Dance Festival.

We are extremely grateful to Creative New Zealand for their contribution towards this cost of this tour but we still have a minimum of $15,000 to raise to get our eight dancers, conductor, production crew and set on that plane! 

Please join our family of valued supporters. With your donation, we can be part of this exciting event and achieve our vision of presenting powerful New Zealand work on the world's stage.

Thank you from all of the team at The New Zealand Dance Company!


  • Rotunda at #StenieAwards


    NZDC is back on stage at the #StenieAwards tonight with our mates the NZ Army Band!

    Today is a big day for The New Zealand Dance Company.

    Yes, our campaign to raise $15,000 to get Lumina to Germany and Holland closes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. And yes, we're also down at Auckland's Viaduct Events Centre with our great mates from the NZ Army Band. We're donning the red dresses and our khakis once again for a live performance of Rotunda at the 2015 Steinlager Rugby Awards.

    Who would have thought . . . contemporary dance at a rugby awards evening. Well, that's what we are all about. The New Zealand Dance Company exists out of a desire to change the way New Zealanders see and experience contemporary dance. Removing the barriers and complexity that surrounds this genre and in essence, creating a new connection to what dance is and can be.

    Meanwhile, we have 12 hours to raise just over $6700 to get Lumina to Germany and Holland in January 2016. Can you help push us over the line?


    The New Zealand Dance Company will be seen by thousands and thousands of people tonight at the #StenieAwards and in Europe when we take Lumina there in January. Our striking Lumina imagery will be the public face of the Holland Dance Festival this year, putting New Zealand dancer and dancers centre stage directly under the spotlight. We think this is pretty neat.

    Our compelling New Zealand dances are earthy, funny, beautiful and brave. We are proud to be on stage creating new connections with our finest brass bands and finest rugby players. In January, we will be among the world's most distinguished dance company's in the world at the Holland Dance Festival.

    Can you help us put New Zealand dance on the stage and the distinguished Holland Dance Festival again - and in Germany too? If you can we need your support now.


    Also, be sure to tune in tonight to the #StenieAwards for a new performance of Rotunda.

    The New Zealand Dance Company

    Rotunda at #StenieAwards
  • We're off on another big adventure!



    In 2014, NZDC presented our World War One commemorative work, Rotunda, at the Holland Dance Festival. In Holland, we collaborated with Brass Band Rijnmond who played the score for three shows at the Theatre Spui in Den Haag and for one night only at the beautiful Stadsschowberg Theatre in Amsterdam. The tour received a four star review and standing ovations at every show. We only got there through the support of this group of generous donors.

    Well . . . The New Zealand Dance Company is now off on another big adventure!



    Our latest pioneering season, Lumina, hit the Auckland stage in August this year to audience and critical acclaim. This "groundbreaking" (NZ Herald) new season collides three dynamic teams of creative collaborators in a spectacle of contemporary light, sound and movement.


    Now, we've been invited to put Lumina on the international stage for the world to experience at the Holland Dance Festival. This time around, we aren't stopping there. We're stepping across the border for two centers in Germany for the very first time (we're scrubbing up on our German very fast . . . well, trying to!). Three international tours in three years? We're rubbing our eyes with this achievement!


    But, we need the support of New Zealand (that's you!) to get us there:


    We need to raise $15,000 to get Lumina to Holland and Germany in January 2016.

    We do admit this is a rather daunting number. But, it was only with your support through Boosted that we got to Holland in 2014. Our Boosted campaign is already off to an astonishing start. We have a receieved a generous pledge of a match donation for the first $2,500 donated (see your donation doubled in real time!). We are so thrilled to already be at 10%. We can get there!

    We are asking you to stand beside us once again and make a contribution to grow New Zealand contemporary dance internationally.

    Can you help us? Head here to learn more and donate.

  • Holland Here We Come!


    We are very warmed by, and grateful for, the tremendous support that we have received with this campaign – and are thrilled to have reached 101%!!

    THANK YOU to every one of our fabulous donors for being our champions. It is with relief, that we can now plough full steam ahead with plans for our first international tour! This is a huge milestone for the company and stepping onto that stage in The Netherlands will be extra special for our dancers, knowing that an incredible family of 79 donors helped them to get there.

    We’ll be sure to keep this blog updated as we re-rehearse ‘Rotunda’ here in January and look forward to sharing our news and excitement with you from Holland!

    You can also stay in touch with us via our e-newsletter, just sign-up at this link

    We love this photo from the Rotunda performance – this is what its all about!

    Heartfelt thanks to you all.

    From everyone at The New Zealand Dance Company

    Holland Here We Come!
  • Please help us to fly!


    We’ve been chuffed with our donations so far – thanks again to the 48 people who have supported our tour to Holland already! But we’re into our final week, with our campaign closing at MIDNIGHT THIS FRIDAY and we still have a way to go to reach our target.

    We want our beautiful dancers, like Justin Haiu in this great shot by photographer John McDermott, to have the best opportunity to share their talents with the world.

    So please continue to spread the word far and wide this week and encourage people to donate. The minimum donation is only $5 – that’s just a morning cup of coffee! It’s a collective effort that will get us there.

    Keep an eye on our progress as we head towards the finish line… our fingers are crossed!

    You can share our story by clicking here…




    Please help us to fly!
  • Film Night Success


    Thanks to everyone who came and supported our ‘Beyond The Edge’ Film Night last Thursday. We had a fabulous turnout, lots of fun and managed to raise a whopping $1,673.29 towards our Boosted target. It feels good to be over the halfway mark now, but it’s not over yet!

    Here’s a pic of Shona, Leanne Pooley (director of ‘Beyond the Edge’) and dancers Tupua Tigafua and Justin Haiu just after the Q&A. Leanne gave us some fascinating insights into the film, including that one in 45 people that climb Everest don’t make it - and that we owe it to Sir Ed’s NZ climbing companion, George Lowe, for all the incredible archival footage that documents this famous ascent. Good old NZ! If you haven’t seen ‘Beyond The Edge’ yet, we highly recommend it.

    As you know, we only have nine days left to achieve our target! That’s another $7412 needed to take Rotunda to the Holland Dance Festival. So at the risk of sounding like a broken record, PLEASE tell your networks about our campaign. We’re now on the homeward straight, but if we don’t achieve 100% of our goal, then we get a bit fat NIETS - that’s ‘NOTHING’ in Dutch!

    Once again, we are extremely grateful to those who came along to our Film Night and to those that have donated so far – our heartfelt thanks go out to you.

    Best wishes

    The NZDC team.

    Film Night Success
  • Climbing to the Top with Sir Ed…


    Well we’re at 16% of our target – but we’re still a way from the top! As they say though, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” (Lao Tzu). So thanks again to our generous donors so far - you’ve helped with our first Boosted steps!

    No one probably knew the meaning of this quote better than Sir Edmund Hillary and it’s with excitement that we are holding a special screening of “Beyond the Edge” as a film fundraiser this Thursday. This film, by director Leanne Pooley, tells the story of Hillary’s incredible journey to the summit of Everest – and is receiving rave reviews! Leanne Pooley will be there for a Q&A after the film, you’ll receive a beautiful glass of Kate Radburnd wine and proceeds will go towards this campaign on Boosted.

    We’d love you to join us if you can - and please help spread the word!

    Beyond the Edge – NZDC Fundraiser

    Thursday 7 November 2013

    Capitol Cinema, 610 Dominion Road, Auckland

    From 5.45pm with a 6.30pm screening

    Tickets $25 (plus booking fee) from

    With 30 donors already and 18 days still to go, we think we’ll make it BUT please encourage anyone you know who might be interested to take that step and donate. Every dollar counts.

    Have a super week!

    Climbing to the Top with Sir Ed…
  • THANKS for leading the charge!


    Our Rotunda to Holland campaign has been running for a week now and we are nearly at 10% - we're off to a great start! A gigantic THANK YOU to all those who have donated so far. It is hugely appreciated and we are itching to take this wonderful work and fantastic team of people to the Holland Dance Festival. Here's a snap of the boys during rehearsals for 'Rotunda' - giving it all they've got!

    Before we get too excited, we can't forget that we still have $13,600 to go to reach our target. We're feeling positive that we'll get there and are doing our upmost to get the word out, but if you can help to spread the word about our campaign that would be super cool. You can email, facebook or tweet the link to anyone who might be interested - it's

    An easy way for people to contribute is to come to our 'Beyond the Edge' film night on 7th November, as proceeds will go towards this Boosted campaign. More info coming soon! But tickets are available now from

    Thanks again everyone for your support, we look forward to keeping you updated about our journey!

    All the best,

    The NZDC team

    THANKS for leading the charge!

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