Mary-Beth Acres

Rotorua's Outdoor Performance Stage

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The Arts Village is a dynamic community arts space in Rotorua with more than 23,350 people involved in classes, exhibitions, workshops and events in our studios and galleries.

We love our historic buildings - they are special and full of character and quirks...but what we don't have on site is a raised performance space, or any purpose built outdoor space. This means that we are really limited in being able to include performance arts in the programmes we offer and events we host.

Our answer to this need is simple: an outdoor modular stage for creative events in Rotorua that can be used for performances, kai, and kōrero. Big enough to comfortably suit most performance needs, but also small enough that it can be popped on a truck and transported to other locations in our region for other events. Modular in two platforms so that you can use one, or two; and set it up in the configuration you need.

This isn't just a stage for The Arts Village, it's a stage that can be used all over Rotorua.

We need to raise $11,000 to make this project happen - and the great news is that Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust have come on board to match fund this project (up to $5,500). Meaning that for every $1 donated we receive $2 - how cool is that!

So we invite you to be a part of making our dream a reality by donating to the campaign or sharing this with your friends and whānau. Become part of our dream of seeing Rotorua be a vibrant and creative community where there are no barriers to participating in the arts!