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VividWgtn has obtained permission to paint a large mural on the west wall of the Old Dominion Post building, which faces Willis Street. This will be a painting in honour of one of New Zealand's most outstanding artists, Rita Angus, who lived and painted in Wellington in the last years of her life.

The mural will be painted by internationally renowned English street artist, Irony. He will use a photo of Rita in the process of painting her Self Portrait, 1937 as a reference. This will mark the 80th anniversary of the artwork and ensure generations to come understand her place in New Zealand Art History. 

'Rita Angus began this portrait two years after separating from her husband Alfred Cook. At 28 she portrays herself as a 'modern woman' - urbane, stylish, and in complete control of her own destiny.' - Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

VividWgtn has partnered with Ryman's Healthcare who operate the Rita Angus Retirement Village. Ryman's have kindly offered to match your donation dollar for dollar until we hit our $12k target. This doubles every donors impact and will get this project off the ground. 




  • Rita is Finished!


    The New York-based New Zealand artist known as Askew One finished his painting of Rita Angus on the back of the old Dominion Building facing down onto Willis Street in January, 2019. Rita used to frequent Suzy's Coffee Lounge just opposite when she lived in Wellington in the 1960s and it's nice to think of her reaction if she returned to her old haunt and saw this tribute to her remarkable legacy!

    The completed mural is based on a combination of her 1937 self portrait and a photograph by Dutch Kiwi artist Theo Schoon.

    Wellington City Council contributed $5000 towards the project with Ryman Healthcare, which operates the Rita Angus retirement home in Wellington, the major sponsor. Donations from our campaign on Boosted made up the difference we needed to make the project possible and Resene's paints kindly helped towards the cost of the paint.

    Thanks to everyone who donated and helped see this project through to completion.


    Bruce Mahalski
    Rita Angus Tribute Mural Trust


    Rita is Finished!
  • Ready to start work!


    This summer renowned New Zealand artist, Elliot O'Donnell aka Askew One, will paint a large-scale tribute mural of Rita Angus on the west fa├žade of the Dominion Building, at Bond Street in the centre of the city. The building is managed by a body corporate who have generously given their permission to develop a large-scale mural on this wall.

    The mural design will be based on a portrait photo of Angus taken by Theo Schoon. The Rita Angus Tribute Mural Trust did try to use the famous 1937/8 self portrait of Rita's, but for various reasons we were unable to do so. We hope that the finished mural will reference the 1937/8 painting by having a similar look and colour scheme.

    Painting will begin the week of 14 January 2019 and will probably take up to three weeks.

    Artist Bruce Mahalski ran a crowd funding campaign through Boosted and raised over $6000 for the project. Ryman Healthcare who manage Rita Angus Retirement Village in Kilbirnie matched this amount with a sponsorship grant. Wellington City Council also granted $5000 towards the project.

    Resene Paints are kindly sponsoring much of the materials.

    Ready to start work!
  • Rita Angus Mural Postponed


    Thanks to good people like yourselves we had hoped that there would be a big tribute mural to the amazing New Zealand artist, Rita Angus, gracing the wall of the Dominion Building in downtown Wellington by now. But sadly once again we have run into a problem outside of our control.

    The big November earthquake of 2016 meant we weren't able to paint the mural in early 2017 as originally planned. Now, just as we were all set to start the mural on the 1st of February 2018, we receive news that our expert giant portrait painter, Irony, cannot come to New Zealand as planned due to serious family issues.

    After almost two years work on trying to make this project happen we are loathe to give up, and are looking for alternative artists from both New Zealand and overseas who might be able to complete the commission this year or early in 2019.

    Thank you very much for your patience and your support and we will keep posting updates on this page as soon as we have any further news. (Bruce Mahalski - for Rita Angus Mural Project).

    Rita Angus Mural Postponed
  • Mural delayed


    We had hoped that this mural would have been painted during the month of March to coincide with the Vivid Street Art Festival, but unfortunately fall-out from the big November earthquake has delayed the painting of the Old Dominion Post Building. Until this has been re-painted we are unable to start work on the mural.

    We are hopeful this will happen in Spring of 2017 and the mural will be painted sometime between November and March 2018. Please check the Vivid website for further updates and if you did make a donation thank you very much!

    Any enquiries please contact Bruce Mahalski (021) 0329906

    Mural delayed
  • Mural Talk at NZ Portrait Gallery


    Bruce Mahalski will be giving a talk regarding the mural as part of the Leo Bensemann & Friends exhibition at the NZ Portrait Gallery, 12.30pm Saturday 10 December. 

    Mural Talk at NZ Portrait Gallery
  • Leo Bensemann & Friends


    The New Zealand Portrait Gallery currently has a great show that opened last week featuring many wonderful artists from The Group. Included in the exhibition is Rita Angus's 'Self Portrait' 1936/37 from Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

    Leo Bensemann & Friends
  • IRONY : Alice in Sunderland


    IRONY : Alice in Sunderland


    The Dominion Building is a Category 2 historic building and was completed in 1928 with frontages on Victoria, Mercer and Bond Streets. The body corporate have given Vividwgtn permission to paint a mural on a west facing wall, in prime view of Wilis Street and the upgraded Bond Street urban redesign.