Linda McFetridge

Returning exhibition to Paris

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Art Taranaki - de retour à Paris is a group of 10 artists travelling to France, bringing our second exhibition of local works to 59 Rivoli, a well regarded and extremely popular gallery amongst the locals and international visitors alike.

In November 2014 we were selected from a huge number of annual international applicants as one of the gallery exhibitions for that year. The show was such a success and loved by the locals that very shortly after our return to NZ we were contacted by the gallery and invited back for a second exhibition (asap!). So we're off again embarking on another exciting adventure, Art Taranaki - de retour à Paris is showing 8th - 22nd of May 2017.

While we are there we not only take turns working in the gallery and sharing our work with a huge number of international visitors and local Parisians, but we also become part of the thriving community of 30 resident artists from around the world who work in the 59 Rivoli. Being in this environment generates fresh ideas and concepts, taking your creativity to a whole new level. It certainly influenced my work the first time, and I am excited to undergo that process once again to see the effect it will have on my future work.

I am a single working mother of two young boys, so getting myself there does present a few challenges, but inspired friends who have run successful Boosted campaigns in the past have motivated me to launch my own project to support the financial element to the trip. Funds will contribute to the completion of works I am taking as part of our exhibition, travel, accommodation and to feed a NZ artist in Paris for three weeks.

Thanks for being part of the journey. Please do follow me on my website blog or facebook page to stay up to date with the adventure as it unfolds.


  • Love take 2


    This was the image that was supposed to accompany the last update...

    Love take 2
  • Love, reworked and renamed my 2nd piece. Represents how I'm feeling with all of your generous support. X


  • Thanks and pls spread the word


    Hi All, 


    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you that have donated to the campaign so far. Support has come from such a wide variety of people that I am very much humbled. So much love and a massive thank you to you all. 

    Donations have slowed a little the last few days and given that I only have 7 days to go I and needing your help. Can you please share to your networks and encourage people to support the campaign, it would be hugely appreciated. People often follow suit if they know of someone that has already given a donation, even the smallest amount makes a difference coming from many. If I don't hit 100% then all of your donations are returned to you.

    Again thank you so much for your generosity and support, you make my heart sing.

    this Painting is too big to go to Paris but is from my latest collection of work. I am in the process of finishing another 2 Paris works which I will post as soon as they are finished.



    Thanks and pls spread the word
  • No 3


    3rd Painting ready to go. This one needs a name so would appreciate and suggestions. Thanks

    No 3
  • Growing Love.


    2nd painting ready to go.

    Growing Love.
  • Painting 1. Thinking of You


    Just a wee update. The 1st painting I have completed ready to go. Hoping to get at least 2 more done and ready. 

    Painting 1. Thinking of You