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Retail Cabaret

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RETAIL CABARET is a love letter to the hard-working shop assistants of NZ. It's  emotional catharsis for two performers  who have worked a long time in retail.

Ava, the young, fresh faced nineteen year old uni drop-out has one day to make her target for the month, an unprecedented event at this particular shop. Her much older manager, twenty one year old Brad, far more weathered from his time in retail, is extremely doubtful of her chances.

In an epic slice of life story, Ava must face off against classic retail assistant threats, such as returns, shoplifters, and even worse, really really rude customers, in the hopes of making her monthly target, and being awarded the coveted platinum certificate.

Singer-songwriters Maxwell Apse and Jen Smith have worked together on two musical projects in the past two years, a queer romantic comedy webseries, in collaboration with the Candle Wasters, 'Happy Playland,' and their own original comedic-noir musical podcast 'The Disrespectables.'

Having a long time interest in staged musicals, and history in working in retail, they decided their next project would be a small scale cabaret, all about the 'joys' of working in clothing stores, and the bonds you make with the people you work with.

Accompanied by the musical experts, Sam Trist and Jacob Baxter (Long time collaborators of the pair), Apse and Smith will perform a personal and comedic story, that will entertain, and finally give the retail assistants the spotlight they deserve.


We need your help to make sure this sensational new musical gets staged!

All BOOSTED money will go towards rehearsal space, set design, poster printing, distribution and Facebook promo.