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After performing our show REAL[ISE] in the New Zealand Fringe Festival, were granted the San Diego International Fringe Festival Exchange Award to represent New Zealand.

This award means we have the opportunity to share REAL[ISE] internationally, in San Diego, USA and Tijuana, Mexico. As emerging artists, this is our chance to bring our Kiwi flavour of circus to another part of the world. Our production costs and accommodation have been covered, so we are looking to the community for support to help fly our team over there.

Tangata Circus Company is made up of three Wellington based circus artists, Jackson Cordery, Sophia O'Connor and Laura Oakley. As Kiwis, we are so excited that people from the other side of the globe will experience our work. For us, this opportunity enables the journey of Tangata Circus Company to continue, but we need your boost to get us there! We are so grateful for anything you can give.