Phill Palmer

Real Cowboy

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Jimmy Wilson wants to be a real cowboy! When Jimmy gets a chance to learn from the best and baddest cowboy gunslinger of them all - the formidable Blade O'Sullivan - he's there! If you love cowboy movies and comedy, you will love this Kiwi tale with a twist.

Hey everyone, I'm Phill Palmer - a filmmaker and actor from Te Aroha. Until recently I've been working on film projects in the USA, and now I'm keen to create something special in my own backyard.

A few years ago a friend and I were discussing an idea for a short film, and I went on to write a script - Real Cowboy was born. A Kiwi cowboy comedy. With the help of my contacts in the industry, I set about bringing the film to Te Aroha and the surrounding areas. My plan was to bring this ambitious project to my neck of the woods.

The project has wings, and with the help of many wonderful people it is coming to life. It's a real community project, covering Te Aroha and Tauranga. We will be shooting the majority of the film at the Tauranga Historical village, thanks to the amazing staff there. We have an awesome team on board, including Kevin Luck (Director), and Jacqui Gilbert (Co-Producer and first AD).

Production has begun, and we're aiming to complete the film by November. We'll be preparing it for release in early 2018.

Don't work with children, animals, period costumes, fancy sets, special locations, specialised props, or guns they said.... oops!!! I have instead incredibly supportive people who believe in the project, and are enjoying every minute of pulling it together - I think that makes it a winner!

We are grateful for the funding we have received so far from the Creative Communities Scheme, and the support of our Executive Producer Chris Lambert. We just need a little extra in our budget to feed our cast and crew who are volunteering their time, and cover the cost of some of the specialised props and sets.

We invite you to join in the fun, and come along for the ride! Your donations and support will be making Kiwi film magic happen!