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Read My Lips

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Read my lips is a theatre show that explores the diversity of communication.

The story revolves around three close hearing friends, one of which gets sick with meningitis and becomes deaf. We  explore the relationship between hearing and deaf friends before, during and after this transition. How do they adjust to a new way of communicating?

Devised using stories and experiences from Auckland's deaf community, the show involves both spoken English and NZSL in order to be fully accessible to all audiences.

The money from this campaign will help to cover a few key production elements such as;

- hiring a NZSL interpreter

- art direction

- lighting operator 

Please help us bring our show to life!!

Read My Lips is Embers Collective's second original production, Created by Shelley Waddams, Ashleigh Hook, Monari Falepeau and Georgia Hoskins-Smith.

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