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Hi everyone ☺ I'm Lisa Wilkinson, the principal of Rasa School of Dance in Dunedin. I started Rasa 13 years ago with a handful of students and it has grown to be an amazing, inclusive and supportive whanau of dancers of all ages and abilities. And now, we're about to compete at the NZCAF National Schools Aerobics & Hip Hop Championships!

Our motto is 'we dance for the love of it!' This year, we have 4 competition crews consisting of 32 of our most talented and dedicated students. 16 crew members have competed in Wellington at HipHop Unite and will soon compete in Christchurch at NZCAF Championships. They and their families have committed to the hours of practices and financial requirements of this …and this is where all you lovely people come into it! ☺

We would love to reduce the financial burden for these families. There are costumes to be bought, competition entry fees, flights and accommodation to be booked, transportation and meals to be eaten. Rasa does not make any profit from this enterprise, we offer this opportunity purely to increase the student's skills and experience and encourage them to be the very best they can be. If, through this Boosted campaign, we could assist them in reducing their costs it would be incredible!

We want to show our dancers that we are behind them 100% and that we will support them in every way we can. We would love your support to do this! We all know how different an experience can be when the stress of costs is reduced or removed.

Thanks so much, and come with us to the Champs in Christchurch - we'd love your support in achieving our dreams!