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Coming out in Auckland in the early 80s, Andrea Kelland stumbled into a world of lipstick lesbians and stone dykes.

But as a single woman with a young son, at a time when the presence of "boy children" at womyn-loving-womyn events was hotly debated, she wasn't always welcomed with open arms.

Despite this, as Andrea hilariously reveals in her new one-woman show Random Shagger, she still saw her fair share of action.

A one-hour riot of sex, drugs, song, mime and gallows humour, Random Shagger celebrates how far we've come with five real-life LGBT+ New Zealand stories spanning WWI to today.

The show is written but we need your support to pay Deb Filler the Director. Deb is a fair dinkum character, voice, comic and music artist and a writer, teacher, producer and director. Her solo shows 'I Lost It in Kiev', 'Filler Up' and 'Punch Me in the Stomach' have toured the world to critical acclaim. Deb performed as Celia in 'Talking Heads' (Alan Bennett) 'Death of a Salesman' (Arthur Miller) and has a lead in a TV series coming out on FX US network.

Theatres she's worked in include Lookingglass Theatre Company Chicago, the New York Theatre Workshop, The Drillhall London, Auckland Theatre Company, Belvoir Street Company B Sydney, Anthill Theatre, George Fairfax Theatre, Melbourne, Centaur Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times and the Factory Theatre Canada. A long time guest teacher in the theatre department at Brown University and at Humber College's program for comedy writers, she loves to coach and mentor.

Deb has directed Andrea in two short skits for performance at Tiny Theatre. Her specialty is character-based comedy, and with her help Andrea will bring to life 20 characters for her show Random Shagger.

Andrea Kelland has been a Casting Director for 20 years, 12 of those at Shortland Street. Career highlights include performing skit-based comedy in Speakeasy with Thomas Sainsbury, member of Fanny Business, Bandana and The Velvet Vipers, and performing feminist theatre in the 80s and 90s.

Hilz King specialises in Janis Joplin-style raunchy songs, and has been beloved of the gay community since being Artist in Residence at The Alexandra Tavern in the 80s. She will punctate Random Shagger with her fabulous renditions of the soulful, gutsy songs of our time. 

Thanks for helping to bring these stories to life!


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Random Shagger
Written & performed by Andrea Kelland
Music performed by Hilz King
Directed by Deb Filler
Tiny Theatre, Garnet Station 
Westmere, Auckland
2-11 February 2018


  • Why Deb Filler? Watch This...



    Hi all

    This is a clip of the Skype session which we had with Deb to put the Video up on the Boosted  page.  You can see how inspiring and creative she is and why we want her to Direct us!!!


    Love Andrea, Hilz and Deb

  • Random Shagger Needs Direction


    Exciting news! Random Shagger Boosted Campaign now up to 70%

    thanks to all of you you have helped get us this far!!!

    love Andrea, Hilz and Debxxx

    Random Shagger Needs Direction
  • Random Shagger Needs Direction


    Amazing Response to our Random Shagger Boosted Campaign!!!

    Now up to 37% in just 6 Days!!!

    Thanks so much to lovely friends for your response!!!

    Andrea, Hilz & Deb



    Random Shagger Needs Direction