Zoe Nicholson

Pursuit for FRESH - Tempo Dance Festival

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We are choreographing a 10-minute dance work called Pursuit. This piece is about the quest for perfection and we are excited to be showing it in FRESH for Tempo Dance Festival 2017.

Our aim is to create a beautiful world, in which the dance takes place, and we need your help to create that world. The set is being designed by Landscape designer Peiwen Tan. We are looking for funding as we want to create this world out of real living plants, including the Ficus Hilllii Tree, Potted colour and synthetic materials such as astroturf grass. We are receiving a small fee from Tempo Dance Festival, however this does not cover our set and costuming costs.

With this piece, Emma and I wanted to dream big, to create something really different for our dancers to explore. Often dance is just performed on an empty stage, but we asked ourselves, what if this one was a little different? What if this dance took place in a setting that would emulate a perfect place, conjuring up almost nostalgic memories in the audience's mind?



Attainable. Is it within our reach or on the everlasting horizon? How will we know when we have reached it? Is it worth losing what's real in order to secure it?

We explore, and attempt to control, the landscape created for us driven by the human desire to be perfect and create perfect things. Perfection is a many faceted thing, and your definition may be different from another's. Aesthetic? Function? Ethics?

The pursuit of ultimate perfection limits our presence and therefore robs us of what makes us, us. So, why do we do this? How can we reconnect?

Choreographed by Emma Cosgrave and Zoƫ Nicholson, who were inspired by utopian worlds of their own imagination. Landscape design created by Peiwen Tan, whom we cannot thank enough. Performed by Emma Cosgrave, Caitlin Davey and Bella Wilson.

Thank you for collaborating with us.


Photography by Renee Richards.