Hannah Tasker-Poland


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projectMUSE is a new, in-development, solo dance-theatre work, exploring ideas of the archetypal feminine 'Muse', illusions of grandeur and the abstract concept of inspiration.

Directed, choreographed and performed by Hannah Tasker-Poland, the work is a culmination of her 12+ years experience of constantly being in some form of 'Muse' role for other artists, and how this role is acknowledged, utilized, abused or projected, and how inspiration or creation is drawn from these actions.

Where does the Muse wait? Is 'The Muse' in fact one lone female deity who serves all artists? What does she do when no-one needs her? Does she have a voice? Does she consent to this 'Muse' role?

2017 was spent researching and creating content and support material for the piece, including photo series, short films and an excerpt of the work, which debuted at The Opera House Wellington in September '17 to a 700+ strong audience.


projectMUSE secured CNZ funding to develop the full-length work in 2018. This development period includes a full-time residency at Wellesley Studios Auckland in April, with 10 incredible collaborators on board, the majority of which are women - it is important for Hannah and ties in with the work to have strong females in the creative and technical roles!

During this development we will be experimenting with how we can incorporate spatialized audio, sonic performance, projection, body-paint and prosthetics in a live capacity.


The CNZ grant only covers half of our collaborators' fees for the pre-residency and full-time residency periods. Through Boosted we are seeking to raise the rest of the funds we need to pay our incredible artists.

The target we have set for this campaign is not the full amount we require but rather a more conservative starting point. If we can raise $7,000 we will be able to cover the generously discounted fees our collaborators have offered us. If we can raise more than $7,000 then we can pay all our collaborators closer to their industry rates, which would be amazing and is the goal!


We would like to inspire you to donate to projectMUSE. It'll be the best idea you've had all day.

Thank you so much in advance for supporting the creation of high-quality New Zealand art.


  • projectMUSE debut excerpt at The Opera House


    Trailer from Hannahs debut excerpt of her 2017 projectMUSE experimentations at The Menagerie Deluxe, The Opera House Wellington, September 2017.


    Footage Jeremy Brick

    Edit Hannah Tasker-Poland

    Costume Yolande Kjestrup & Brynne Tasker-Poland

    Body paint Myrtha Heydenrijk

    Alternate music edit for clip Hannah Tasker-Poland

  • Introducing our SPFX Body Paint artists!


    Behind-the-scenes of the creation of the 'Archetype' body paint, part of the experimentational short films made as part of the projectMuse research.

    The incredible artist featured here is Yolanda Bartram of BodyFX, a long time friend and collaborator of Hannahs. Yolanda is one of the brilliant SPFX artists we have on board for the project, along side Andrea Hows of Andrea Hows Artistry. During the development season Yolanda and Andrea will be experimenting with how SPFX Body Paint and Prosthetics can be utilized for both projection and in a live capacity.


    Video: Donny Duncan

    Editing: Karl Lear

    Body paint: Yolanda Bartram

    Music: The Waking Ally by Fearless Super Picture


  • Documenting our process


    projectMUSE has a fabulous videographer on board, the one-and-only Jeremy Brick. Jeremy is a dance-film specialist and has become one of the most prolific documenters of New Zealand dance and its creative process.
    Jeremy will be documenting the projectMUSE development period and filming content for use as projection in the work, as well as creating more research and promotional videos like the short clip below - Hannah and Jeremy spent a day on the streets of Wellington experimenting with one of Hannahs character research ideas, loosely inspired by her experience as a long-session life model.
    Hanging around on the streets in a rhinestoned g-string = ART.

    Jeremy also made our fantastic Boosted video which you should check out at the top of this page!

  • We hit our first target! Help us keep the momentum going!


    Thank you for helping us hit our first target!

    projectMUSE has hit 100% - that is AMAZING. Thank you to everyone who has generously donated, you are fueling the fire.


    We need to hit at least $7,500 by the time the campaign closes on March 29th to be able to pay our incredible collaborators closer to their industry rates, which is the goal.



    Photo Vocable

    SPFXMUA Lara Hawker Artist

    We hit our first target! Help us keep the momentum going!
  • projectMUSE at The Opera House


    On September 2nd 2017 Hannah debuted a short eight-minute excerpt of her first experiments with projectMUSE at The Menagerie Deluxe show on the stunning Opera House stage in Wellington.
    The excerpt was created especially with the scale of the Opera House stage in mind, and was a very movement-heavy exploration of the aesthetic landscape of the work, featuring a first sketch of lighting design concepts by Hannah, full body paint and the feature costume piece, a luxe champagne-gold robe with a massive 16m+ train.
    Offering your first short showing of a work to an audience of 700+ is definitely one way to light a fire under your development!
    This excerpt is being twisted and torn apart and used to inform this next development period. Stay tuned.

    Photo Paradox Photography NZ
    Custom robe designed and made by Yolande Kjestrup and Brynne Tasker-Poland.
    Headdress by Brynne Tasker-Poland     

    Body paint Myrtha Heydenrijk of BodyFX

    projectMUSE at The Opera House
  • Our upcoming residency


    projectMUSE is incredibly fortunate to have the support of Wellesley Studios Auckland, who are hosting our three-week full-time residency in April.
    Wellesley has played a key role in the progress of this creation from the start, allowing us the use of their beautiful studios and resources throughout the initial 2017 workshopping periods, and we are thrilled to be able to continue this relationship into this next intensive development period. This residency will culminate in a public showing - details to come.
    It's a privilege to have such a great space to focus on the work in and we look forward to making it our second home!

    Photo Jocelyn Janon | Vocable
    With Co-Producer & Rehearsal Director Emmanuel Reynaud

    Our upcoming residency
  • Where we began ...


    In January 2017 the inspiration for projectMUSE suddenly hit me, to take all these experiences and all these concepts I'd be musing over for years and turn them into a full- length work.

    I pulled together a team of artists to do an experimental photo and video shoot based around my first idea of this "lonely Muse" - where does she wait when no-one is in need of her services?

    This video and photo series has served as important research material for me and a lot of my choreographic workshopping has been heavily based around the aesthetics of this content.


    projectMUSE | a preview - enjoy!

    Video & Editing Matt Gillanders

    SPFX Body Paint Lara Hawker

    Photos Jocelen Janon

    Music edit by Hannah Tasker-Poland

  • Day One and we're shining!


    Thank you so much to everyone who has already generously donated towards projectMUSE - its only the first day and we are already over $1K! That is AMAZING. Humbled.

    Photo from todays new 'Muse' shoot with Jocelen Janon | Vocable

    Costume by Yolande Kjestrup & Brynne Tasker-Poland

    Day One and we're shining!