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Precious Little

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Precious Little is a play written by award-winning playwright Madeleine George. This dark comedic exploration of the nature of language follows the experience of Brodie, a gifted linguist, who learns unsettling news about the baby that she is carrying. Unable to get comfort from her girlfriend, she instead finds it in the two least likely sources imaginable: the elderly speaker of a vanishing language and a gorilla at the local zoo.

Precious Little is Navi Collaborative's sixth production and we are excited to bring this play to The Basement! We are ready to hear more female voices on aging, feminism, LGBTQI issues, memory, parenting, illness and health. We are ready for Precious Little.

Precious Little is an intimate and accessible piece of theatre that will encourage audiences to dig a little deeper into their selves, to take some time and view their inner lives; perhaps you'll find there's more than "precious little" in there.

This Boosted campaign is to aid us in covering production costs (play rights, set, props, costumes, marketing) and to allow us to provide renumeration to the talented artists who have come on board to direct, act, design, and produce this show. Navi is focused on continuing to be a company that creates quality works and provides professional (paying) opportunities to artists here in Auckland.

Thank you for having a look at our project and we so appreciate your considering to boost Navi.

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