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Welcome to 'Pot Luck' - the webseries!

'Pot Luck' serves up contemporary lesbian life in three great flavours - Debs, Mel and Beth, as they negotiate friendship, family, and finding love at their weekly Pot Luck dinners. Fun, sexy, and occasionally ridiculous... look out world, New Zealand's first lesbian web series is coming soon!

Thanks to support from the good people at the Emerging Artists Trust, episode one has already been shot, we have some great footage in the can and our editor's on the job. Now we need your support to raise the funds to shoot the remaining five episodes of the first season.

We've got a talented bunch of people committed to bringing this series to life, and with almost an hour of content over six episodes we're ready for action!

The Funds
So, what do we plan to do with the money? Making a webseries takes a lot of people on both sides of the camera. There's a huge kit of equipment like lights, cameras, lenses, microphones, stands and all the little pieces of the technical puzzle. We need locations for the world of the series, and transportation to get our cast and crew around on set. We need props, costumes, makeup. And with long days we need to keep everyone well fed and watered! There's a million ways to spend money making a project like this, and we've had amazing support from cast, crew, businesses and organisations to help us out where possible, but for many things we need cash so we need…

Let's make Pot Luck together. Your donation will help make the series happen, so jump onboard and get a front row seat as we get this fun webseries out into the world!   

The Team:
Ness Simons, the writer and director, is a graduate of the NZ Film School and Whitireia's Creative Writing Programme. She's excited to explore characters seldom seen on screen, and looking forward to entertaining an audience with the universal storylines. Ness's short film 'Actually Alex' was recently accepted into the Chicago Pride Films and Plays 'Queer Bits Film Festival'.

Producer Robin Murphy has worked on crews in the film industry for over 30 years. She's produced seven short films and has several feature films in development too. 'Pot Luck' is her second web series with Ness Simons after they worked together on the documentary series "Active in Hell" in 2013. Robin is dedicated to telling authentic, original stories on screen, and championing the talents of emerging filmmakers.

With women in the roles of Writer, Director, Producer, DoP, 1stAD and Gaffer we're a little unique, we've kicked this off with an amazing vibe onset for our first shoot. Several of our crew have worked with Ness and Robin regularly, and every one of our team are excited to make 'Pot Luck' happen. Our crew is a winning combination of experience and raw talent, with some stepping up into new roles with the support of the more experienced crew members. They've kindly supported us with their time, enthusiasm and creativity in helping us make the pilot, now we want to give them the opportunity to come with us on the whole journey.

The Cast:
Playing 'Mel' onscreen is the multi-talented Nikki Si'ulepa. Nikki has a bunch of experience in front of the camera - you may have seen her in shows such as 'Super City' and 'Housebound' or remember her from her breakout role as Marty in 'The Whole of the Moon'? Nikki also works on the other side of the camera and is an award-winning writer and director with short films 'Snow in Paradise' and 'Ma' hitting festivals throughout the world. Nikki will bring style and confidence to the role of Mel, and we can't wait to see her in action!

'Debs' is played by Anji Kreft. Anji is a super talent with a range of screen credits in the UK, you might have heard her voice on 'Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit', in 'Postman Pat', or perhaps you caught her as the midwife delivering Dev and Sunita's twins in 'Coronation Street'! Anji is a singer and performer with great presence, she's also a voice actor and vocal coach and we're excited about the magic she brings to the character of Debs.

'Beth' is played by Tess Jamieson-Karaha. You may have seen Tess as Lisa in 'Strum, Strum' or recognise her as the 'swooping' waitress in 'How to Meet Girls From a Distance'! Tess is also busy behind the camera with the Cake Punchers Collective, including short film 'Coffee Group' which she has written, directed AND has a leading role in. Basically, she's awesome. As a graduate of Toi Whakaari Tess has had many roles on stage and screen and we're looking forward to seeing her bring this range of experience to her role as Beth.

There'll also be a range of other characters appearing throughout the series, including the fantastic Kate Ward who has a regular role as Beth's mother 'Eileen'.

Cheers for taking the time to check out our project, we appreciate any amount you can send our way, and if it's a little tight for you right now you could always share share share our campaign and help us reach our goal!

Kia ora,

Ness, Robin and the Pot Luck team


  • Pot Luck - season two is getting closer!


    Hi brilliant supporters!

    You may have been warned, but crowd funding for Pot Luck season two is almost upon us!

    You’ve already given so much first time around, we’re not expecting you to part with your hard earned cash again, but we would love it if you could help spread the word, and even better encourage people to watch the show on one of our platforms (see some links below).

    Pot Luck season one is a great success story, it’s screening on eight different on-line platforms and has had over 1.5 million unique views across all six episodes! It’s been officially selected for multiple webfests, including receiving 10 Merit Awards from the Rome Webfest. We’re also currently in contention for 9 Excellence Awards at the Rome Webfest, so fingers crossed for announcements on that coming next month!

    As you already know, we’ve managed to get some NZ on Air funding, support from the Wellington City Council Arts & Culture Fund and our key sponsor Hell Pizza is returning, which means we’re gearing up to shoot Pot Luck season two in August 2017.

    All this essential support is great, but it doesn’t equal a big budget, so it means we’ll need to do some more crowd funding to top up our budget……

    We’re starting a new BOOSTED crowd funding campaign which will run from 6th June – 13th July, so keep your eyes peeled for the new campaign….

    If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch Pot Luck season one here:
    and if you want to binge the whole series in one go:

    Also, our Pot Luck Facebook page (please like us!):

    Thanks heaps!

    Robin, Ness and the Pot Luck team

    Pot Luck - season two is getting closer!
  • Look out for Pot Luck Season Two!!


    Hi there Pot Luck supporters!

    Great news! Because of your unwavering support for Pot Luck Season One, we were able to dazzle NZ On Air with our brilliance and they’ve funded Pot Luck Season Two! This is a huge opportunity for us and continues the great run we’re having with this series....

    - Over 800,000 views across the six episodes and still growing
    - Official selection for NZ WebFest, Dublin Webfest, UK Webfest, LAOutFest and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival plus finalists in several selection categories
    - Available on several platforms including TVNZ On Demand, Revry, OneMoreLesbian, PNT Tv and a new launch in 2017 on KindaTV!

    None of this would have been possible without your help to get started so we thank you, and hope you’re enjoying this journey as much as we are.

    We’ve also been lucky enough to get the support of Wellington City Council’s Arts and Culture Fund and return sponsors Hell Pizza. This will give us a great base to build on all the clever tricks we learnt making Season One.

    Although arts funding and sponsor support makes a huge difference, production costs are high, so we’re still fund raising. We’re going to be in touch again in the new year about our crowd funding campaign for Pot Luck Season Two, and we hope you’ll help us spread the word to all those people who love us, but they just don’t know it yet!

    The first draft for Season Two is on the page, and we’re going to spend a decent amount of time on the rewriting and planning so we can be sure we create something truly awesome for everyone to enjoy.

    We’ll keep in touch as events unfold, and you can see what we’re up to via our social media pages - and show your support by liking and sharing!

    Thanks heaps for all your loving….

    Robin, Ness and the Pot Luck team

    Look out for Pot Luck Season Two!!
  • Pot Luck Tuesdays are on!!


    Hello awesome supporters

    After a busy few months in post production we're nearly ready to release the next episode of Pot Luck and we couldn't have done it without YOU! From all the Boosted donations to support with equipment, locations and food, we've really valued everyone who has helped us make Pot Luck.

    Episode two will go live on Tuesday, 14th June 2016 and in the weeks following we’ll be releasing the remaining episodes every Tuesday until you have all six episodes!

    For a peek at what's ahead for Debs, Mel and Beth click on the link to the teaser below:

    We’ll also be re launching our fully re mastered Episode one with full sound and colour grades in the near future.

    We're excited to be bringing you five more episodes to round out season one of Pot Luck, so pull up a seat and get ready for some fun!

    To keep up to date with what we’re doing and spread the word among your friends, subscribe to our vimeo and youtube channels, and like and share our website and facebook pages too!



    Ness, Robin and the Pot Luck team

    Pot Luck Tuesdays are on!!
  • Pot Luck update - Eps 2 - 6


    Hullo lovely supporters!

    Some of you will have been following us on Facebook and already know that we’re just 10 days away from filming episodes 2 – 6 of Pot Luck Webseries

    With filming set to start in one week’s time, we’ll have our work cut out for us making five more episodes and 10 guest cast making an appearance over that time....but we can’t wait to get into it!

    Episode 1 “The Pact” has now had nearly 10,000 views across all our platforms!

    As a result of its popularity, we’ve had interest from several queer and mainstream on line platforms to screen the series, and an invitation screen it at an international film festival!! The festival details are still under wraps, but we’ll let you know as soon details are made public.

    We hope you’ll keep an eye on our facebook page for news and titbits about our shoot. With cast announcements coming soon, and behind the scenes filming, it looks like lots of fun coming up on social media.

    Editing five episodes and getting the pictures and sound as good as we can, means post production will take a little longer than episode one did. We’re going to be releasing the rest of the episodes on a weekly basis, from a date to be confirmed in May 2016.

    Hope you’ll bear with us while we make it awesome!

    Lots of love and appreciation!


    from Robin, Ness
    and the Pot Luck Team!!


    Pot Luck update - Eps 2 - 6
  • We Made it!!!


    Hullo wonderful supporters!!

    You'll already know this from Boosted, but we made 100% (+$75) of our crowd funding campaign target – WHOOHOO!

    As Mel says – “Tuesday Pot Lucks are ON!!”

    Episode 1 “The Pact” has now had over 8000 views and our facebook likes are just shy of 1000. Small beginnings, but an indication we’re making something people want to see, and they like it.....

    It’s time to kick into pre production, and next year you’ll have 5 more episodes to watch! We hope you will continue to follow our journey through our facebook page and website, and we'll continue to send you updates as we progress.....

    We couldn’t have done it without you (literally!)

    Lots of love and appreciation!

    from Robin, Ness
    and the Pot Luck Team!!

  • Pot Luck webseries update - just 36 hours to go!


    Hi Boosted supporters!

    All your donations have helped us reach 86%....!! Thanks to 164 amazing donors! With just 36 hours to go, we still need a little bit more, so if you liked our project enough to donate,perhaps encourage your friends to do so as well? Lots of little donations will help get us over the line!

    Heres a video to keep you amused - Direct access to Mel!

    Episode 1 “The Pact” has had just under 8000 views across all our platforms, and we’re getting heaps of great feedback from our growing number of fans. If you haven’t seen it already and you have a spare 8 minutes, you can watch it here:

    Thanks again heaps for your support!


    Robin and Ness
    and the Pot Luck team

    Pot Luck webseries update - just 36 hours to go!
  • Pot Luck update 4 - seven days to go!!


    Hi Boosted supporters!

    All your donations have helped us reach 53%....!! Thanks to 115 of you lovely people, we're over halfway - and there's only 7 days to go!!

    We could still use your help in this final push towards our target. We've made a video clip about "Pot Luck" fundraising efforts [], share this with your friends and on Facebook. Help us make more episodes of 'Pot Luck" by sharing the links to our website and the Boosted campaign

    After launching Episode 1 "The Pact" last week, we've had lots of great feedback and a heap more donations! If you haven't seen it already and you have a spare 8 minutes, you can watch it here:

    Thanks heaps for your support!


    Robin and Ness
    and the Pot Luck team


    Pot Luck update 4 - seven days to go!!
  • Pot Luck update 3 - Episode One launch!!


    Hi Boosted Supporters

    Pot Luck Episode One is live!!

    You can view it on our website or on our Facebook page

    We hope you enjoy, and don't forget to share share share!!

    Thanks again for your support...

    Robin & Ness

    and the Pot Luck team


    Pot Luck update 3 - Episode One launch!!
  • Pot Luck webseries update 2


    Hullo again Boosted supporters.....

    A very quick update to tell you that Episode One is almost here - the on-line release is set for Tuesday 1st December 2015 at 9.00pm!

    You’ll be able to find it on the Pot Luck website, but we’ll send you a reminder with the links, on the day after release.

    Thanks again for all your support!

    Robin & Ness
    and the Pot Luck team


    Pot Luck webseries update 2
  • Pot Luck webseries update 1


    Hi Boosted supporters!!

    Thanks you so much for supporting our project, we’re very very grateful!

    We know you’re going to enjoy getting to know Mel, Beth and Debs and we can’t wait to tell you their stories......! If you haven’t watch their video clip yet, heres a link:

    With your help, we’ve managed to get to 18% of our target (holy crap, that’s over $4000!!) and we’re one week into the 5 week journey. It doesn’t take a maths genius to work out we’ve got a wee way to go yet.

    Help us reach our target by telling and/or emailing your friends, family and colleagues about this project. Share, like and tag our Facebook posts to help get the word out.

    With your help we can make it!!

    Meanwhile, here’s a clip we posted entitled “90 seconds with Ness”

    And a link to our new Pot Luck website:


    Robin & Ness
    and the Pot Luck team

    PS. Photo by Tracy Sexton - Mel, Beth and Debs on a coffee break.

    Pot Luck webseries update 1

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