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Political Cutz

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Whether you're a political junky, an apathetic everyday kiwi, or a directionless concerned citizen, there's some things we can hopefully all agree on; free things are good things, and better communication builds better communities.  

Maverick and Barbarian want to provide free things in order to facilitate better communication, and we need your help! 

What is Political Cutz?

* A fun, participatory installation blending theatre, hairdressing, design and great coffee
* A highly visible, visually striking creative event that brings life and energy to empty urban retail spaces
* A unique way to facilitate conversations that otherwise might not take place about political subjects
* A way to engage public (esp. youth) interest in civic rights and responsibilities
* A non-confrontational, non-partisan project

What happens at the salon?

The Political Cutz salon pops up spontaneously in an unused retail space, transforming it overnight with a bright, accessible and visually slick design that draws the public in. Visitors to the salon will find great coffee at incredible prices, warm and friendly hosts, and a comfortable space in which to sit and soak up the atmosphere - the room is full of conversation, information, curiosity. Here, you can simply observe or can get more involved, by chatting with the hosts and each other, leaving your thoughts on the wall, or ultimately receiving a free haircut - in exchange for a political conversation with the hairdresser.

Political Cutz first took place in Wellington in Sept. 2014, prior to the last New Zealand General Election. The salon was visited by 400 people engaging in political discussion, and a further 1800 followed the conversation via the project's social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Funding and support was provided by Wellington City Council, Urban Dream Brokerage and The McGuinness Institute.

Why are we here on Boosted?

Barbarian Productions and Maverick Creative need your help to pull off our September 2017 remount of the Political Cutz salon. With your backing, we can make its return more impactful, more engaging, and more fun! We are passionate about making political engagement accessible and enjoyable, and we reckon our combination of interactive theatre, funky venue design, and good coffee is just what Wellington's community needs to facilitate productive conversation.

We are keen to keep evolving Political Cutz towards a project of national scale and significance, and we look forward to sharing that journey with you!

Why should you help us?

You came to the last Political Cuts and you had a pretty great time - you were groomed, amused, enlightened, and had your perspectives widened. You're passionate and/or curious about political engagement. You're in a position where you can contribute and you want to! Maybe you know you won't be able to get the actual event and this is your way of engaging. And you know that Barbarian Productions and Maverick Creative are good people, who make good work for our community. 

Thanks for stopping by - we're really excited about this event and we hope you are too! If you can't donate this month but you're behind us, spread the word!


  • Political Cutz has a home!


    We are blimmin' delighted to announce our venue for Political Cutz 2017 - this year we will be based at the very beautiful Public Trust building on Lambton Quay! It's an epically grand background to our salon and its goings on, and we can't wait to kick things off next Monday. Thanks so much to Urban Dream Brokerage for getting us there.

    Along with you beautiful people, we're stoked to be supported by Wellington City Council, UNICEF New Zealand, ‪KPMG, Good Fortune Coffee co. & more good humans. And co-presenters Barbarian Productions are Wellington treasures, and their kaupapa and work is so vital in the Wellington arts scene. I mean, did you see Soft n Hard? It was so freaking good! Sorry, back to the important points...

    We have just 3 days left in the campaign & we've got a way to go, but we reckon this is a valuable piece of the political pie that needs baking. Whether you're into apple, pork & puha, or good ol' mince & cheese, we want to give everyone a slice.

    In short: Pie is good. Free haircuts are great. Politics impact us all. Let's give everyone a voice (and a funky 'do). Spread the word and let's get Political Cutz over the line! #nzpol #politicalcutz 

    Political Cutz has a home!