Andrea Brigden

'Please Be Seated' at Keirunga: The Creative Hub

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It's time to make your mark on the future of Hawke's Bay's flourishing arts scene.

Keirunga's boutique studio theatre has risen from the ashes following the devastating fire of 2016, and is now ready to continue its legacy of presenting engaging and relevant theatre for Hawke's Bay audiences to enjoy.

There's just one thing missing - we need seats!

The venue's sleek, contemporary design has allowed for retractable tiered seating, offering the flexibility to transform from a workshop, cabaret or exhibition space to an intimate end on theatre space in a matter of minutes.

Individuals and businesses have already started to purchase seats with engraved seat plaques for $500 or $1000 so they can make lasting dedications to loved ones; honour Keirunga arts lovers; celebrate significant anniversaries for their family or business; or simply quote from their favourite plays.

Here's the thing though...we recognise that not everyone can purchase a whole seat, so this is where Boosted comes in! Now is your chance to put your name to the next phase of Keirunga's vibrant arts culture with a donation to fit your own budget - the generosity of all donors will be acknowledged on a Board of Honours in the venue's foyer spaces.

Keirunga's vision for the future will continue to support the performing arts community by providing an affordable intimate space for the presentation of local and touring productions; and supporting the development and incubation of new works for emerging and established artists. Help us put the icing on the cake by supporting our Please Be Seated campaign.


  • We're on our way! First $500 in the bag!


    With 23 days to left to run, we've made it to 17% towards our $3000 goal. It's great to see some runs on the board, thanks to the generosity of our early donors and, of course, all the people who enjoyed a cuppa and a slice of home baking at interval at Alan Bennett's Talking Heads last weekend! The 4 monologues were presented as a special fundraising event by director Sharyn Hildreth, producer Amanda Jackson and 4 local actors - Eleanore McLean, Jane Sutherland, John Cocking and myself - Andy Brigden.

    It was wonderful to have a full house both nights in our intimate space which is becoming more and more like a fully working theatre space every day. I am excited to report that a lighting rig and sound has been installed this week, replacing the temporary set up for last week's show. No doubt before too long we will have a bar too...oh, yes and our very own retractable seating that will magically appear at the push of a button from the alcove under the lighting box that you can see in the photo to the left of all these super happy theatre-goers!

    Intimate venues like Keirunga are like gold dust in Hawke's Bay, especially ones with a vision for encouraging experimentation and incubation of new works, as well as supporting local and touring artists with affordable hirage fees and options for shared risk.

    Let's see if together we can help create a venue that pushes all the right buttons to inspire and support theatre, music, stand-up comedy, dance, live art...however your creative bag floweth over.

    So what can you do from here? Make a wee donation - whatever you can afford, then tell your mates about it too.

    Philanthropic, arts loving friends: let's do this!

    We're on our way! First $500 in the bag!