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play_station is an artist run gallery that is starting soon in Wellington! Opening in the heart of the city on 8 Egmont St, we want to create a new and exciting exhibiting platform for emerging, and established artists. With this central location, play_station aims to situate itself within the network of Wellington galleries to offer emerging creatives a foot in the door. Whilst Wellington is fruitful in community, public and dealer galleries, there is a significant lack of artist run spaces, which we hope to fill.


play_station offers an approachable format with a professional output. The space will be a flexible and literal play - station, a test space for many formulas of exhibition styles, programmes and artwork. We want to bridge gaps, expand and connect the creative community.


Our plan to bring these ideas to fruition is through showing a diverse mix of established and emerging artist together, in-house curated shows as well as guest curated exhibitions, invited artists, open call proposals for emerging solo and group shows, unemployed and non institutional practices, long term based projects and programs, off-site initiatives, workshops and artists talks.


Our team consists of artists Hugh Chesterman, Tom Hammar, Tyler Jackson,  Kane Laing and Bent. We are a group of young artists pursuing our own projects and careers. We each have extensive personal projects in the making and have had individual experiences in the industry. We have the space for a whole year so we are incredibly invested in making this project work, and to make play_station a sustainable and exciting not-for-profit gallery.


How will we be using this funding? One of the key parts of any gallery is lighting, something which a large part of the money will be going towards. Other key expenses will be in improving and renovating the space for it to be a fully functional, and professional gallery. Every little bit will help us establish this new platform which we hope will become a key part of New Zealand's art community.


Thank you for your support! We hope to see you soon.


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