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Cubbin Theatre Company took Christchurch by storm with a sold out season of their baby show UP AND AWAY, and now they're back with a fresh, playful show for preschoolers, aptly named PLAY PLAY.

PLAY PLAY is a 45 minute physical theatre experience for children aged 3 to 4 and their grownups, encouraging body positivity through music and play.

At Cubbin Theatre Company, we are pioneers of New Zealand theatre, focussing specifically on making playful, high quality theatrical work for audiences under five. Our ethos is based on respect for our young audiences and we care deeply about connecting with children on their level. A huge amount of research goes in to each one of our shows. The narrow target age range reflects the big changes in development children go through during their first five years: a creative experience that speaks to a one year old will be very different than that which speaks to a four year old. PLAY PLAY is the very best of what Cubbin offers to audiences.

PLAY PLAY focusses on the very beginnings of body positivity. We explore this through music, physical theatre and play. Studies show that body consciousness can begin as early as the preschool years. Yes, that early! It's a pretty scary thought, but PLAY PLAY presents a positive, nurturing approach to the issue, looking at the amazing things our bodies can do through play and putting emphasis not on size and shape, but on imagination and possibilities.

Cubbin are delighted to be teaming up with some of Christchurch's top creative artists. Joining Cubbin co-founders Mel, Hannah and Amy are renowned Christchurch composer, musician and all-round awesome guy Hamish Oliver. He's creating an original, interactive soundtrack. On stage, Hannah will be joined by the exceptional Phoebe Hurst, (That Bloody Woman, Mr Burns).

The Isaac Theatre Royal are coming to play once again! PLAY PLAY will be part of their Company in Residence pilot programme and will be rehearsed and performed in the inviting Gloucester Room. But while we have a glorious space to perform in, we are still short of the funds needed to make PLAY PLAY come alive. PLAY PLAY will be simple yet sophisticated but we can't make a play about play without stuff to play with! The funds raised from this campaign will go towards technical equipment and fun stuff - namely lighting, sound, music, set, props and costumes.

If you want to support high quality, innovative theatre for children from a theatre company on a mission, then PLAY PLAY is the project for you! All donations, big or small, will be massively appreciated.

We believe Christchurch is the best place in the world to be a child and Cubbin Theatre Company is passionate about being an integral part of that experience. We need you to help us.

Please support the future of theatre in Christchurch by clicking on that big donate button over there.