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Pipi Press is a new publishing initiative that aims to bring people together and create social change, using books as a meeting point to share knowledge and ideas.

Pipi Press takes its name from the whakataukī, he pipi te tuatahi, he kaunuku te tuarua, translated as first the small entering wedge, second the large splitting wedge, referring to a method for felling a tree. We envisage ourselves as the pipi, the small beginning of a wider change.

Pipi books are inviting material objects that reflect their purpose; their content is both critical and hopeful, encompassing the poetic and political. Pipi books critique capitalism, heteropatriarchy, racism and colonial structures: the present order of things. They provide a place to contemplate, question and look at things in a different light; fostering ongoing dialogue, listening, and reconsidering.

Pipi books are an opening to care for and connect with one another. Pipi books reimagine our relationship to the world and the world itself, denaturalising hegemony and unveiling new truths, while offering hope for a radically different future.

Pipi Press will hold readings, talks, workshops and reading groups that run alongside publications, where connections can be made face-to-face.

Pipi Press is coordinated by Cait Puatama Johnson and Gabi Lardies. Cait and Gabi are both known for their self-published books and involvement in the Auckland publishing scene, as well as for their individual writing-based art practices.

You can read more about us at pipipress.co.nz


We need your help to acquire the tools and materials necessary to make Pipi a fully functioning press and to be able produce our first book, In Common, alongside many more to come. In Common will be a volume to bring together knowledge, experiences and reflections from different disciplines around the idea of the commons.

We hope to purchase a risograph printer as well as ink and paper in order to be able to print Pipi books ourselves and carry out all stages of production. As well as allowing us more creative control, having our own printing equipment means Pipi Press will be more financially sustainable, allowing us to channel funds into paying our contributors, running events and supporting our community.

Pipi books are not sold for profit. Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated and will contribute to wider social change in Aotearoa.

In addition to this Boosted campaign, we are fundraising through selling artworks and handmade merchandise at our launch - come along to meet us and to support in person.

More info at the facebook event

We are keeping followers updated through our instagram so keep an eye on it for behind the scenes action and updates!