Otago Pioneering Women's Memorial Association Inc.

Pioneering Plastics Exhibition

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To celebrate 75 years Otago Pioneer Women's Memorial Association Inc.

Janet de Wagt will stage an exhibition of her domestic historical plastic collection.

We need your help to celebrate 75 years told through the plastics that gave colour, joy and useful aid to pioneer women's domestic lives. It is a significant time, and the story is a long one that continues still. We need your help to keep these stories alive.

Please help us to celebrate the women who played a significant role in maintaining the building in the community. Help us highlight and honour the historical importance of the memorial building. 

This memorial building, dedicated to the pioneering women settlers of Otago, is in recognition of their contribution to the settlement of Otago province during the first century of its existence. This building is a community centre used in the interests of all people.

This exhibition will showcase these historical stories, highlight the advantage that plastic holds, and change the way in which people will treat plastic in the future. Plastic once held magical and mystical associations, and through this fantastic exhibition, we will bring back this association.

People will recognise the significance that plastic held in the daily domestic lives of pioneer women, and they will consider plastic with awe and with gratitude. It will remind people of the rich material that plastic is and recognise the practical privilege it has in our lives today. By understanding the past, we create a future that will sustain us all.

Help us to influence the future by donating to the costs associated with the installation and promotion of this historical exhibition.