Charlotte Watson

Pink Frost

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Named after The Chill's hit song, 'Pink Frost' is an exhibition that delves into the dark and disturbed, exploring the gothic themes of isolation and unease in emerging NZ art.

Pink Frost will be held from May 3rd - 20th at Tinning St Presents, a gallery in Melbourne's inner north. 

The exhibition features the work of nine New Zealand artists, including:
Paintings from Alan Ibell (Auckland), Hamish Coleman (Wellington) and F van Hout (Christchurch); photography from Talia Smith (Sydney) and Christine McFetridge (Melbourne); stop-motion animation from Rebecca Agnew (Melbourne); drawings by Shannon Williamson and Tim Middleton (Christchurch); and works on paper from Sophie Scott (Queenstown). The show is curated by fellow kiwi and Melbourne-based artist, Charlotte Watson. 

For some of these artists Pink Frost will be their first Australian exhibition, so we need as much support as possible to help them get their work there!

With your support we can cover:
- The gallery fee
- Freight of work to Melbourne
- Installation of artwork
- Professional photo documentation
- And if anything is left over, a little catalogue and some frosty pink paint for the walls...

We're looking forward to putting some great art and new names past the eyes of Melburnians, so your donations are hugely appreciated.

Thank you!



  • Goodness Gothic Me



    Oh my goodness. A sincere thanks to everyone who has chipped in, anonymous or otherwise. I never expected to hit our target with three days to go. 

    if you wish to make any further contributions they will now go toward a small catalogue and a tin of ‘Marshmallow Magic’ for the gallery walls. 

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. 

    - Charlotte. 

  • Edgar Allan Snow


    Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far - we've been amazed by the generousity.

    I've reached into my inner poet and created this little ditty about Pink Frost, with the help of Eva Otsing and Tina Xuan Nguyen. Please enjoy.

    - Charlotte