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Photobook New Zealand is a brand new event to give New Zealand's wonderful photographers and independent presses the opportunity to showcase their books.

It will be held from 11 - 13 March 2016 in Wellington and feature displays of photographers' books and a programme of exciting speakers from New Zealand and Australia.

Internationally photographers' book festivals are major annual art events, with rewards for excellent and innovative work. We want to celebrate New Zealand's photographic talent with you. We will hold New Zealand's first festival of photographers' books to help attract a wide audience for our talented bookmakers and focus international attention on their work. This year, for the first time ever, you will be able to enter your photobook in the New Zealand Photobook of the Year awards.

We've invited inspiring photographers from Australia and New Zealand to talk about their projects and how they got them published and distributed. There'll  be a film about New Zealand photobook making and panel discussions covering how to get your work out into the world and also designing and sequencing photobooks. New Zealand's early photobook albums and photobooks from the Asia-Pacific region will be showcased.

We want to bring together photographers, designers, independent presses and anyone interested in photographers' books to celebrate and learn about this wonderful medium.
Our budget to hold the festival is over $12,000 and we are asking for $5,000 from Boosted supporters while working hard to secure the rest.

Massey University College of Creative Arts is helping by providing their beautiful arts complex as a venue. Photobook New Zealand is presented in association with the 2016 New Zealand Festival Writers Week. Momento Pro are our major sponsor.

We've happily invested our time and passion in creating this event and we invite you to be part of the team. Your Boosted donation will make Photobook New Zealand happen.

Momento Pro are our major sponsor and sponsor of the New Zealand Photobook of the Year awards.


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  • The Best Photobook Fair Ever


    We’re almost there, but we still need help to get us over the line, we’re at 76% with only 4 days to go!!

    Thank you if you have already contributed towards the success of the inaugural Photobook New Zealand book fair .

    Together we will create an exciting and enduring event.

    Donations of any size will help us:


    Ying Ang, our keynote speaker.

    The Best Photobook Fair Ever
  • Photobook New Zealand has now reached $3000 with only $2000 to go!!


    We want to keep Photobook New Zealand talks and panel discussions FREE which is one of the reasons we have launched our Boosted campaign.

    We really want to make New Zealand’s first photobook weekend happen!

    Sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Boosted campaign so far, your support has been fantastic but we’re not quite there yet, so feel free to share our link with anyone who might be interested in being a part of this fantastic event.

    We have 11 days and $2000 to go !!!!!


    Below is an image from Ying Ang, our keynote speaker from her book Gold Coast

    Photobook New Zealand has now reached $3000 with only $2000 to go!!