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PETTY CRIME - the musical

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Petty Crime is a musical set in a Pet Shop/Animal Shelter and the Rat who lives in the basement turns the Pet Shop into  a nightclub after Doris, the owner goes home at night.  It's also a bit like a half way house for 'woofs and strays'.  

The show opens with Hoody, the King Rat,  auditioning singers to replace Vermine who has mysteriously disappeared and it's not till Catrina the 'Pusstitute' falls in the door that they eventually hear of Vermine's fate and the Testing Lab. A plan is hatched!

The highly colourful cast includes Catrina - a Pusstitute, Daniel - the Cockney Spaniel, Ted the Turtle who dreams of being a song and dance man, Strut- a bi-sexual Bull Terrier, Piaf - a Pole Dancing Poodle, to name a few.

PET'S PALACE is a Pet Shop come Animal Shelter and all about animals celebrating their dreams and living with the reality of a world controlled by humans. When they learn from the laboratory-born Pusstitute that VERMINE may be the newcomer to the testing lab, a plan is set for her rescue, and the fallout impacts on the entire family of animals.

It is a comedy with a hard-hitting twist and wonderfully melodies songs- lyrics by Grant Bridger and Music by the late and definitely great Matthew Brown. The entire set is being designed and constructed from recycled materials sourced on Waiheke during Inorganic Rubbish time. Impressionist and deconstructed - Sustainable Theatre at it's best, with costumes designed by the brilliant Kristen Sorrenson.

Says creator Grant Bridger - "She has taken the 'impressionist' baton and hurled it into the sky ; taken it far beyond my wildest".

Local musicians Steve and Mark Robinson will morph into rat musicians as will MD Reg Towers - pianist in THE INFESTORS. I'm forever amazed at how people turn up at the right moment - it inspires me to keep plugging on. More harvesting of talent to come.

PETTY CRIME will hopefully have it's WORLD PREMIERE on Waiheke, April 21st to be followed(hopefully) by a short season at the Mercury Theatre, Grant's old stamping ground where he learned much of what he will be passing on as writer/director.

I am grateful to the people who have stepped up thus far, the singers, designers, creatives and musicians and animals who have inspired this work's creation. I believe, after being in many musicals, that this show has  magical components - entertainment, passion, great songs, inspired character creation and as we travel it's time to stop off and ask help from you to bring the show to life next April.  Thanks in advance for your generosity- I hope you get to sit in the audience sometime, and NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL. 

Arohanui- Grant




    Here we are the day before the 1st day of 2019 and have have to confess to a growing excitement. Since the first attempt ast the show a year or so ago I*ve learned heaps - mainly 'give yourself plenty of time'!  Having worked as a pro actor for so many years and being used to reheasrse 5/6 days a week from 10-4 I didn't realise mey expectations of the cast's committment was too high.  They have families, jobs, other interests etc.  It also gave me time to find some new people while retauning the stalwarts of the first go, and I'm grateful for the cast I have.  We have rehearsed already for 2 months at Surfdale Hall - a lov ely venue provided for us by the Waiheke Community board and Creative Co0mmunities accepted our propsal fr a weekend workshop lead by the very talented and experienced Jennifer Ward-Lealand Te Atamira.

    So we are set to resume in Feb thru to the beginning of May when we open a shortish(9 day) season at Artworks Theatre on Waiheke where I live.  If it goes well I will certainly be investigating a short season at my old haunt where I learned so much and performed in some wonderful productions -- THE MERCURY THEATRE - currently awaiting restyoration and being brought up to earthquake standard.  So that where we are at--I am pleased to introduce you to Tania Carter playing Piaf the Pole Dancing Poodle( poodlicious) Koro Sciascia play Strut the Bull Terrier, Dave Turner - Streuth the Cockatoo, Sam Downes - a wonderful Ted the Turtle, George Gardner - Catrina the Pusstitute, Ben Cobbett - Daniel the COCKNEY spaniel and Jett Vaill playing HOODY --the boss Rat to name a few!  I*ll post updates when there is something to say.  Thanks again for the donations-  Grant Bridger ( writer/director ) and dearly departed Matthew BROWN my treasured friend who wrote such beautiful music for my lyrics.  Obviously we are still open for koha @ GIVEALITTLE.



    Petty Crime
    Yesterday at 1:09pm ·
    Hi all. Thanks for your support and you deserve to know that we have postponed the show till next year. A lot of the responsibility rests on my shoulders, being unable to adjust from Professional Theatre to working with Am Drams - many of whom have other lives, jobs, families, commitments etc. It became too hard being constantly without some cast members and fearing giving birth to a 'stillborn' show come opening. So Kathy, my Choreographer and AssT Director will be drafting a beginning to opening night rehearsal schedule, giving everyone plenty of time( inc. us)  A FEW SPEED BUMPS ALONG THE WAY BUT--WE WILL REALISE OUR DREAM. Again- stick with us! I*m determined to get there and when I*m determined - we will get there. Will keep you posted XXX
    WILL KEEP YOU 'POSTED'    Love/Arohanui -- Grant Bridger



    I just wanted to apologise for the typos in the last update.  I was endeavouring to upload a picture of a cuple of the designers costumes drawings and hit UPDATE instead of UPLOAD.  I*m sure you'll get the gist of it anyway.  Ironically the photos created a file-2-big... so didn't manage that anyway.

    Technology...... can't live with/without it.  Good luck with all yours.

    I did mean to share the good news, however, that I was foing a wine tour driving job and had an American couple and their son and fiancee*.  They LOVED the island, we had a wondeerful day

    and turns out he owns the franchise for McLaren, Mercedes, Audi etc in and around San Fran.

    He said to me as they got out of the car " Does your show have an account number?"   I mentioned BOOSTED -- although it had closed, and asked him 'Why?"

    He said "  I'd like to put $2,000 IN YOUR SHOW ACCOUNT!!!!!   Yep imagine the noise my jaw made as it hit the pavement - in fact it bounced and returned to my mouth where I nearly choked on it!

    So magical when things like that happen-- and affirming.  Thanks for your time.



    Hi to you - whether you gave to us or not your interest is appreciated.   Updating -- we have put the show off until August( had a couple of prospective cast members jump ship) and I noticed as we got further down the track that t Mike Mclean( dir of Phantomhe project was taking on a body and kind of consciousness of it's own.

    It was speaking to me --"  OK if you want me to be this good then  want this and this and that has to go and what about this person etc etc and I have now secured a cast beyond my wildest dreams - and all of them non-professional.   They will be directed as and treated ike pros. just like I was while I was learning and I am so grateful to the likes of Raymonde Hawthorne, Paul Minifie,Mike McLean( English Director of Phantom) and others who left me with skills that I am proud to pass on as I continue learning to be a director.  Such a buzz to see people blossom and grow as they take on the ideas and skills that were so generously bestowed upon me.   So we are on our way -- the band is 3 piece at the moment --being rats I have called them THE INFESTORS and we have had music sessions learning the songs with our illustrious Musical Director Reg(Wedgie)Towers.  The arrangements will grow through a democratic process because I intend to keep in mind that this is a 'community project' and I want people to be free to contribute ideas and engage at the deepest level possible.   Will update again soon - but just wanted to let you know IT'S ALL GO!!!!   PETTY CRIME RULES!


  • Drawings Pusstitute and Hoody 'King' Rat


    A couple of drawings to share by Kristen Sorrenson- our designer.



    Thrilled to be able to tell you that as a result of a last minute'angel' tuning in to the process we made it to our target - and even a bit to spare.  I am so very grateful to the people that shared money, many of whom could ill afford it in this challenging time, and funnily enough many of the 'rich' people I offered the opportunity to, passed( and not with flying colours.  Good lesson -- the reason a lot of people are well off is because they keep it all for themselves.  but musn't fall into resentment -- stay grateful and positive.   We have 3 more band members found on Waiheke-- young guys and pairing them with more experienced player who I have workd with before will make it a wonderful community project.  The Steiner School also have a wonderful stash of recyclables which Mike Delamore has made available to us -- and as soon as we have a design for the set - will let you see it.   Again - thankyou so much for your support on behalf of the animals we are representing and those of you who contributed have a nice surprise coming in the form of an invitation to the opening night.  Email me your address if you can - and stay in touch.   Kristen and Reuben will be doing more designs -- got to find a way of making them smaller because this system does not allow them to manifest.  Not easy for a luddite like  me but we will achieve it-with help. I believe the might spirit of all animals will guide and support us... call me old fashioned.  LOL   GRANT


  • OOOOps


    Sorry - the drawings were too big for the system but I*ll endeavour to get them on somehow.X



    HI ALL - well we have till Monday midnite to take this musical 'voice for the animals' 

    FROM THE PAGE TO THE STAGE.  I have been knocked out by people's generosity, and somewhat staggered that some 'people' who I connected with and I know to be 'pigs in mud' haven't  put their hands anhywhere near their pockets.  What an interesting lesson in human response.  Guess that's why they're rich---- they keep it for themselves.   Bitter --moi?   Nah.... just a bit non-plussed, especially because many are ahem-'animal lovers'.  We had a great full page ad in the Waiheke Gulf News last week, and again I say THANKYOU to those who donated, especially as most of you I know, could ill afford it.  Let me remind you that you can claim 30% from the IRD and the money will only be debited from your account when( note that *when) we miraculously reach our target.

    I*ll leave you with a drawing by designer Kristen Sorrenson of Catrina - the Pusstitute,




    I looked through that again and was so keen to get it up I have to stay begind and roll up the mats.

    'Spelling leaves quite a lot to be desired',  Signed -- SIR!!!

  • Lift Off


    Hi guys- I admit to feeling a bit 'stalled' over the last couple of days - first time I have questioned whether we are going to get there after wiorking day after day for 3 months( for nothing) and seeing very little progress.  Isn't life a mystery - Just when I had decided to pick myself up and get back on the positive visualization cart -- lo and behold - A DONATION of $2000 from dear lawyer man - Gary Gotlieb.  yeeeeeeeeeehhhaaaaaaa!!!   I alsmost 'lifted off'.

    Grateful for any help --- and remember sometimes 'SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL'.   GRANT

    Lift Off
  • A short video from the Writer/Director, Grant Bridger


  • Kathy Ogletree Choreographer, Assoc. Director and also playing Piaf, the Pole Dancing French Poodle.


    Kathy Ogletree was born in the UK to Hungarian parents. Emigrated to Australia and in a circituous way ended up living on Waiheke. Began Kaleidoscope Performing arts in 1993 and has written, directed and choreographed over 25 productions.

    The most recent was "Precipice: a work of movement" that was performed both on the island and at SKYCITY theatre.

    "My passion is working with youth and facilitating their artistic and creative potential while also unlocking the wonder and depth of their possibilities through various disciplines and media, such as theatre, film, dance ,drama, music, and acrobatics."


    Kathy Ogletree  Choreographer,  Assoc. Director and also playing Piaf, the Pole Dancing French Poodle.
  • Chats and intros to morsels and titbits of the songs.


    Here is the sound file I put together with chats and intros to morsels and titbits of the songs. Thanks again.

  • Matthew Brown - Musical Director/Composer


    PETTY CRIME has already been through a few rewrites and rebirths, a workshop production at Auckland Youth Theatre some years ago, where a group of students of all ages worked together under my direction and musical director/composer Matthew Brown.

    Matthew left us a few years ago through cancer and apart from missing the closest thing to a brother I ever had , I miss having him around to support and grow this musical and of course be here at the WORLD PREMIERE on Waiheke at Artworks Theatre next April.  Matthew was acknowledged as a bit of a genius by all who worked with him, and toured with many musical shows here and overseas.  He did some wonderful work at Theatre Corporate, and Auckland Theatre Company, and wrote some wonderful music to my lyrics in Petty Crime. Miss him heaps and I've no doubt he will not 'miss' his show, albeit from another realm.

    Matthew Brown - Musical Director/Composer