Stephen Dorner

Arts Management Theatre Internship; Barcelona, Spain

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Kia ora, my name is Trish Ah Sam and I am nearing completion of the Masters of Arts in Arts Management programme at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design.


I have earned the opportunity to study arts management abroad in a theatre in Barcelona, Spain. My goal is to increase my knowledge of arts management and develop skills I will use upon my return to New Zealand to foster, grow and enrich the arts scene here.


Performing Arts Abroad Internship Programme

I have been selected by Performing Arts Abroad. This international organisation places worthy candidates in internships with high profile organisations for the benefit of the performing arts industry. I am honoured to have been selected to participate with this organisation and I know it will lead to a greater understanding of arts management principles and practices.


Who are Arts Managers?

Arts Managers are the people behind artists that provide the bridge between art, artists, and audiences. We combine the tools of business management, marketing, financial accounting, operations, audience development to name but a few, to create thriving and vital spaces for the arts. Arts Managers understand artists and recognise the valuable contribution they make to society and are dedicated to cultivating art in all its forms. New Zealand has great artists, and for great artists to grow, we need a sustainable arts and culture industry, and for this we need great Arts Managers.


My Background in the Arts

In conjunction with studying my Masters I have also been the Arts Administrator for Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust, a not-for-profit visual arts organisation. Prior to this I have lived, worked and studied in Australia, Los Angeles and Costa Rica. I was an events manager at Corporate Theatre Productions and a number of years ago and completed a BA in Theatre and Film at Victoria University of Wellington.


I have an extensive background in the arts with my prior work and study history. On completion of my internship and Masters Degree I plan to take all my previously learned skills/knowledge and my newly acquired ones and help develop the arts industry in New Zealand. I am passionate about building sustainable infrastructure for emerging arts organisations and nurturing, growing and diversifying existing organisations.


How can you help?

By donating to this campaign you will be helping me become the best Arts Manager I can be.  Your help will enable me to help support our amazing arts industry and make it even better.


As a secondary outcome I am participating with Stephen Dorner in his study on crowdfunding which will result in a dissertation for his Master of Arts in Arts Management at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. This is exciting research in the emergent field of crowdfunding and we hope his work will help inform other artists who seek crowdfunding.


A thriving arts and culture industry is so important, we all benefit from it in some way!


  • 3 days left to hit our target


    Hello all my lovely supporters,

    The campaign is coming to an end and we are still 14% away from hitting the target. So if could please blast it out to everyone that will listen, it would be much appreciated. Think we are going to make it!

    Thanks very much.


  • One Week Remaining


    Thank you all once again for the generosity and support which has come in many forms including this lovely endorsement:


    "Trish has been an excellent student and has my full support in undertaking this internship. This will be an excellent educational experience which I am sure will make Trish a more skilled and valuable Arts Manager when she returns to New Zealand. Cally and I were pleased that we could contribute to her Boosted campaign and show our support for Trish" (Lloyd Williams PhD, Director, MA in Arts Management Programme).


  • Nearly half way!



    16 days left! We are still on track to hit the target. So please keep spreading the word, I'm sure we can get there.


    I just had some very exciting news that I will be living in an area called Gracia with my homestay host, Carme who is a school teacher. Should be great for my Spanish learning.


    Thanks again


  • Hi Everyone


    Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support and generosity thus far, I’m blown away. I have been saving for this opportunity for what seems like forever but didn’t know how I was going to make up the short fall without maxing out the credit cards.

    The program fees alone are in excess of $8,500, which includes accommodation, theatre placement, admin, workshops and then travel and living on top of that. However your donations so far have covered my travel expenses (flights and insurance) and now have begun paying for some of these fees.

    I’m so excited and through this campaign even more opportunities have arisen, please keep checking my Boosted page for updates.