Performance Art Week Aotearoa

Performance Art Week Aotearoa

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Performance Art Week Aotearoa (PAWA) is a radical new platform for performance art in New Zealand, running from the 8th-12th of November in Wellington. PAWA will present a series of performances, workshops and discussions presented by artists around Aotearoa and Australia.

It will be a celebration of performance art, and help gain an awareness and recognition for performance art in New Zealand. PAWA is offering a much needed platform for performance artists in New Zealand, and is committed to paying all performers, as artists are often undervalued and underpaid.

PAWA believes that performance art engages with the audience in an exciting and personal way. Performance Art is unique, interactive, immersive, experiential, and experimental. These events that will add many new voices to the well established Wellington arts community.

We are excited to be working with play_station gallery and the new  19 Tory upstairs as our venues, as well as Urban Dream Brokerage as our collaborator.

We will be presenting a range of performance works by these talented artists: Jazmine Rose Phillips, Jess Holly-Bates, Evelyn Fletcher, Sophie Sutherland, Louis Bretana, TeKeepa Aria, Vicky Kapo, TaeKyung Seo, Alicia Donnellan, Louis Newton, Brydee Rood, Kyah Dove, Robyn Jordaan, Thomas Press, Virginia Frankovich, Vanessa Crofskey, Marika Pratley and Heleyni Pratley.

We are in our first year! And we really need your support to be able to make this happen! We are crowdfunding for $8000. This money will be used to pay our artists, designer, illustrator, organizers, photographers and more. We also need to pay for our venues, technical equipment, printing, etc, etc, etc! 

Any support you can give us will be hugely appreciated!! 

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