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Wow! What a ride this campaign has been. Due to the incredible response to our Boosted Campaign we'll use the final 10 days to try and reach our stretch goal of $20k. This will enable us to take the film to the next level ensuring technical delivery requirements are met for national/international cinemas, multi-format media costs, publicity, EPK (electronic press kit), trailers and provide the capital for our film festival submissions nationally and internationally. The cost of submissions adds up so every little bit helps.

PENINSULA is a story close to writer/director Fiona McKenzie's heart - and her life. "It's inspired by real people and events, its a story about sounds and the spaces in between people. When finding connection seems impossible - until you find a way to do it. It's a story about the beauty of diversity and being there is one thing, but being truly heard is belonging . People will reveal to you who they are. We just need to listen."

Writers of Fiona's ilk who pen beautiful filmic stories are a rare breed. The opportunity to showcase that talent even rarer. Join us as we throw ourselves body and soul into making a truly unique film. Sweet, surprising and ultimately satisfying.

We'd love to share it with all of you.

The Film

In trying to connect with his estranged son, and confronted with a neighbour who does things
differently, introvert Mark is forced out of his comfort zone.

All three characters have different ideas of what connection looks like, but find their common ground in a way none of them could have foreseen.


PENINSULA is an opportunity to explore the relationships that don't always come easily.

The spaces and the silences and the way we choose to fill them. Or not. We have refined the story and characters and secured a dream cast. It's a tight story and has attracted excellent crew and overwhelming interest.

Utilising such an experienced team we have opted to move to the shoot quickly to ensure cast and crew availability.

We're ready!

The Team

Award winning editor-turned-producer Scott Flyger and screen writer/director Fiona Mckenzie form a team whose skill sets and tastes are well complimented and in sync.

Scott worked in London for many years, while Fiona's career took a bit of a back seat while she threw her energies into raising her family (including a daughter with intellectual disabilities) in rural South Canterbury.

Now they're back in the city and back in the zone, they're keen to work together using their skills, enthusiasm and talents to produce excellent quality films.

The Road Ahead

In order for us to make the best film possible, we are campaigning to raise $15,000, which will comprise part of our production budget. This will enable us to pay for props and costumes, location and accommodation fees, equipment, publicity, a small koha (monetary gift) to our cast and crew, and contributions to catering.

How Can You Help?

You can donate to our campaign!

All donors will be kept updated throughout pre-production and production.

All donors will get an on-screen credit.

Donations made by NZ income earners qualify for a 33% tax credit from the IRD with a receipt provided by The Arts Foundation.

That means if you donate $100 that you earned in NZ, you can claim $33 back from IRD.

Boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform, which means that if we don't reach our target, the donations are returned to the donors.

Please support us in reaching our goal so we can make a beautiful and meaningful film that we can all be proud of.

Nō reira, he mihi maioha, he mihi mahana, he mihi aroha ki ā tātou katoa.

Tihei mauri ora!