Stu Robertson

Peace in 10,000 Hands

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Hello, welcome and thank you for your time.

You can make a real difference to Peace in 10,000 Hands, the global art project for peace and charity, by donating whatever you can to our Boosted campaign. Every dollar helps!

Over the next 3 years we are going to photograph a single white rose; an ancient symbol of peace, in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet.

As an artist I'm inspired by the belief that art is intimately entwined with the human condition and has the power to challenge and create change.

With a growing global following including many high profile celebrities  we've started a conversation using art and social networks that's creating a ripple effect around the globe inspiring this generation to think consciously about what peace really means to us.

Join us on this global art project and please donate today! It is a tax deductible donation.

My aim is to ignite all around the world the idea that art can inspire a change & the way we think, the way we act towards our loved ones, our neighbours and complete strangers.

Every dollar counts and every $100 raised means we can photograph one more person holding the white rose and takes another small step towards furthering this global ripple effect, and it is for this reason I ask you to please donate to our 'Boosted' campaign.

With your support through Boosted, we are aiming to raise $55,000 to help us complete the next chapter of the project and publish a book and help us photograph at least another 500 people from countries throughout Eastern Europe and South Africa.

Since the time of cave drawings, art has inspired and transcended the boundaries of language, culture, religion, time and space.  Images can break down barriers, move effortlessly across borders, speak profoundly to the heart of mankind and spark emotion and inspiration in every one of us.

I've now photographed over 1,350 people across 40 countries, ranging from The Dalai Lama to Ricky Gervais and everyone in-between; all holding the white rose. Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Sir Richard Branson, amongst others, have confirmed they will hold the white rose and this is the next chapter of the project you can support.

I'm constantly humbled to find that despite our differences culturally, physically, socially, politically & spiritually there is a quiet heartfelt desire for peace that we all silently share

Each of our actions and thoughts have a subtle, yet profound ripple effect. We are responsible for, and have the ability to choose, how we influence that ripple. The more we all think and talk about what peace means in our lives, the more the ideal of peace is bought into consciousness, and the more it will affect the way we interact with each other every day. We will increase the conversation around peace around the world.

When completed, the project will become a provocative and insightful contemporary art exhibition that tours the world and gives rise to a global conversation for peace.

Artworks from throughout the project are being donated 100% to charities focused on furthering peace through children's education, safety and wellbeing.

We are proud to have already raised thousands of dollars for Human Rights Watch and now Save the Children New Zealand is next!! And we will continue to donate to charities throughout the entire project.

Please join us in affecting the ripple and support us on Boosted. Every dollar makes a significant difference. Thank you!


Thank you for your support!



Peace in 10,000 Hands Website
Peace in 10,000 Hands Instagram


  • Thank YOU!


    A massive heartfelt thank you for your support and help to reach our target for what is Boosted's largest ever fundraising campaign and putting Peace in 10,000 Hands back on the road.

    The funds raised through this campaign, are going to make a significant difference with enabling the project to spread that ripple globally and grow the conversation for peace. 

    Tonight we toast you all.

    Tomorrow the work begins.


    Stu and Semele


    Thank YOU!
  • Four Hours To Go. Only Four Thousand To Raise.


    A huge thank you so much for your support for Peace.

    Just four hours to go.

    Just $4000 left to raise.

    Are you able to help? Are you able to share our message? 

    Each of our actions & thoughts has a subtle yet profound ripple effect. We are responsible for and have the ability to choose, how we influence that ripple.

    Please cause a ripple now!! 

    Thanks, peace and blessings

    Stu and Semele :)


    Peace in 10,000 Hands 



    Four Hours To Go. Only Four Thousand To Raise.
  • Only Four Days Left!


    Thank you so much for your financial support and messages – it’s been humbling and very deeply appreciated – Thank you.

    We’re 70% of the way there, but we only have four days left to raise $15,000 more to hit our target and complete the next part of the project.

    We need your help now more than ever to encourage everyone you know to log on and donate whatever amount they wish to ensure we reach our target, that will enable us to get to South Africa to photograph Archbishop Desmond Tutu and more.

    Friends and contacts are the ones to stand up first and will support what you are supporting, Peace in 10,000 Hands, and we need crowd!!

    We will interview, photograph & film another 500 people with the white rose and further this powerful conversation for peace.

    We’ve had an incredibly positive reaction to the artworks, people love them and we are in the process of getting ready to produce and donate over $8000 worth of artworks to Save the Children New Zealand to raise funds and keep 100% of the proceeds, with more non profits and charities to be announced in the next five weeks!

    Every dollar counts and gets us closer the the target, which is 100% or nothing!

    Please share the link to our Boosted campaign and encourage support our project :)

    Thank you!
    Stu and Semele

    Only Four Days Left!
  • Nearly half way there!


    you to all our supporters,

    A massive thank you to each of you who have contributed to get us this far in our first 2 weeks, we’re nearly half way there! Your support means the world to us. We’re getting closer and closer to our target and everyone is watching the progress with excitement!! The emails we’re getting from everyone are really cool too.

    A brief update on what we’re working on:
    Our Boosted launch party and exhibition on the 8th was amazing with a near sellout exhibition and some great media coverage. To hear the speeches, the feedback and to see the reaction people had to the project and artworks was really humbling.
    At the moment, we are producing a selection of beautiful framed artworks to donate to Save the Children NZ, which will generate thousands of dollars for this great charity.
    With your help, we still need to raise a little over $30k in the next 20 days to reach our target of $55K, please share the project with people and friends in your network who might be able to support the project with anything from $10 or more, please forward them this link.

    How can you help?
    Send this link to your friends, family, colleagues, clients & suppliers.
    If you own a business, please help spread the word through your networks and feel free to promote your support of Peace in 10,000 Hands in your news letter or communication and include a little story or link to our 100% Kiwi Art Project being taken to the world!

    If we don’t reach the target, we don’t get a cent.

    These funds will help us accept the invitation from one of the worlds greatest living Peace advocates, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu to photograph him holding the white rose in his home in South Africa.

    If you have already donated, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, if you haven't yet and are still thinking about it please do! Remember as a charitable donation you can claim what you give!

    Thank you
    Stu and Semele

    Nearly half way there!

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