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Path To The Stars

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DREW ANDREWS' PATH TO THE STARS ✨ is a 32-part, web-based, side-splitting satire that rips on the self-help industry starring DREW ANDREWS - "spiritual concierge" to Auckland's beautiful people. 


I've come a long way since working as the entertainment manager at Rainbow's End Theme Park (57kms to be exact) to my gottage-cum-studio in beautiful Orewa, North Auckland. It's here, that YOU will help me realize what is set to be nothing short of a revDREWlution™

In my show, I'll cover everything from 'Rebirthing' to 'Choosing the right name' to 'Should you go on diet that killed it's creator?' as we take our first baby-steps along your own PATH TO THE STARS™.

That's right. I'm going to make you all the STARS of your own lives, as opposed to the bit players you all are now.
If we reach our modest goal of $2000 you will be enjoying 32 colourful 3-4 minute episodes, along with a veritable tsunami of extra features within a very, very short two months.
If we don't reach it…. Well, let's just say that the universe has a way of dealing with incredibly selfish people. The name Bill Cosby ring a bell??


No one knows STARS like Drew Andrews™. Three months working at Rainbow's End as their talent booker got me rubbing shoulders with an assortment of auckland's Glitteratti✨ from Patsy Rigger to Double J and Twice the T.

You must understand for an only child™ to a solo mum in Papatoetoe the whole thing felt like a dream. I was able to closely observe and really work out what made these fascinating people tick and what gave them the ability to control all the people around them.

In fact, I think "planets" would be a much, much better name than "stars"✨ to describe these people, because they almost do seem to exert a gravitational pull. Oh, they would shine alright, but in my memory, they will always be a group of pullers. 

And a puller is exactly what you will be by the end of my ground-breaking 32-episode course, to be released 2x a week on YouTube▶️ and an assortment of platforms. I'm an instafreak! Coz let's be honest, in the sad, cheap, decile 1 school pageant that is currently your lives, most of you are the equivalent of 'the second tree from the left. It's time to step forward and be the STAR.


Shot in my Orewa gottage the set-up will be very simple, to draw all the attention to me. 

Think a spiritual version of the news, complete with me behind a lovely desk and a pretty set where I'll deliver it to you 'straight' (Or as straight as I can manage).

Every episode will feature an infectious new lesson that I'll deliver with the expected insight and clarity of someone who's spent years at the coal-face working with desperately miserable people like yourselves. With a few short minutes I'll leave you plenty to think about. It might be a "quickie", but even a quickie can have life changing ramifications. Ask your mother if you don't believe me. 


We are a small and very, very experienced team including my manager, Web Debber former psychic who was the queen of the RSA circuit (but who is conveniently visiting her daughter on the Gold Coast and just informed me she won't be helping. I hope your spirit-guide farts in your bloody face Webby!).

I've developed a symbiotic relationship with a lovely editor named Rajneel Singh who tells me he edited on "Find Me A Maori Bride".

And then there's professional turd polisher Dane Giraud who wrote for "Jimi Jackson" and on "Maori Bride", but came to me via a WINZ arts course (we all have ups and downs people). Anyhooo, you're in good hands when it comes to how star-tastic my show will be. 


Only YOU can make this show happen. We're asking for a humble $2000 in order to complete my gottage studio and to pay for the editing and we've given ourselves a short MONTH to achieve that.

That's right ✊

Only $2000 stands between us releasing this amazing show out into the ether. Boosted is an all-or-nothing platform, meaning that if we don't reach our target in 30 days, we won't receive a single dollar.

To help us even further - please share this page with all your networks I'll be reminding you every chance I get over the month. Keep your eyes open for updates, personal stories, motivational posts and daily provocations that will teach you more about me and the show.

Remember, people can only give their support if they know about me. So, please help us spread the word! And dig deep!

Because karma is a real bitch!


Instagram: @drewandrewslifecoach http://bit.ly/2ENbraF 


YouTube: Drew Andrews Path To The Stars




    ���� SUCCESS ���� SUCCESS ���� SUCCESS

    We made our goal of $2000 ���� ���� (Yay You!) ��������with ����️ to spare which means 'Drew Andrews' Path To The Stars' - my 30 part web-series - is ALL GO ���� If ever there was a sign the world wants - no, NEEDS - Drew this is it ������������

    My gottage-to-studio make-over has started too. I've already had a few men in this morning.
    It's all been so EXCITING my inner spirit-animal let out an almighty YELP right in the middle of a conversation with a builder ���� (my spirit animal is a red panda btw ����).

    We still have 2 weeks to go on the campaign, so we've set have a BRAND-NEW GOAL of $1000 ���� which, if we get it, will be used for…

         • The creation of GRAPHICS that will lift our episodes at least 3 attainment levels.
         • PUBLICITY. A kitty that we'll use to BOOST VIDEOS, so we can create the largest audience possible is going to be key to the overall success of the show.

    SHARE my posts and videos to friends of yours who haven't DONATED and SPREAD THE WORD. And to those of you yet to DONATE take this as a reprieve with which to balance your KARMIC LEDGER ����







    At the time of writing this update (that’ll be the equinox between Virgo rising and Rosh Chodesh 🌕 for the newbies among you) we’ve made an incredible 95% of our funding goal. I’ve got your deeply moving generosity to thank for that. And your gratitude…

    You clearly know what side your bread is buttered on. 🍞

    Why a bread metaphor, Drew?

    Because we still need some dough, don’t we? 5% more, in fact, to reach our target which I’m sure we’ll do. And when we do you’ll hear the corks ricocheting around my gottage in Orewa, let me tell you that for free! 🍾🍾🍾

    The campaign hasn’t been without its scrapes and scandals. We recently had a demon scare 👿 (see video below) that most of you managed to pirouette around.

    You like your close calls, don’t you?

    But, that blip aside, you’ve been wonderful, and we’re already putting the show you’ve helped pay for together. 32 enlightening episodes, to be released 2x per week (along with bonus content) to be released in late April, that will completely revolutionize your personal relationships by giving you total control over the people around you.

    And why not?

    You deserve it.

    But only if you DONATE. We’re not there yet. And you’ll hear no complaints from me if we were to exceed our modest goal.

    That’ll just mean the show gets a little more je ne sais quoi (more on that later) ….

    Drew Andrews 🙏