Katie O'Connell

Pasifika BeYOUty

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For one of our last university assignments we're making a documentary about body image, which explores what it means to be proud, Pasifika and beYOUtiful.

Directed by Antonia Swann and produced by Katie O'Connell, "Pasifika BeYOUty" will showcase stories from Pasifika people about the way they perceive beauty in both their Pasifika culture and the Western culture in New Zealand.

It will delve into how Pasifika beauty has changed over time, and how Western norms and the ever-changing media have impacted generations of Pasifika people living in New Zealand.

We hope to highlight moments of challenge and of success among Pasifika people in this context, and most importantly, aim to show a broadened perspective of beauty and body image.

Your generous donations will go towards vital project resources, as well as food and transport costs for our crew and interviewees. Donations will also help cover film festival entry fees in the future.

Thank you so much for all your support!