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#OutLoud is a project inspired by #wearebeneficiaries, in response to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction.

Toni Duder from Rainbow Youth and Sam Orchard from We Are Beneficiaries are working together to share the stories and wishes of the queer, gender diverse, intersex, takatāpui, MVPFAFF or rainbow communities* around Aotearoa's mental health and addiction services.

Our communities have limited statistics about our health outcomes as we are often left out of statistical collection. Of the limited statistics we do have, we can say that our young people are much more likely to experience significant depressive symptoms and attempt suicide.**

#OutLoud aims to share our voices with the inquiry, with the hope that the future of our mental health system addresses and uplifts the wellbeing of rainbow communities.

The artworks will be compiled online in a visual portfolio, and combined into a booklet which will be printed and presented to mainstream mental health organisations and the mental health inquiry panel to assist the ongoing work they are doing that includes the LGBTIQ community.

We have been fortunate enough to receive funding from Creative New Zealand to co-ordinate this project, to pay artists to draw up 60 stories, and to print the visual portfolio.

However, we have received so many submissions that we need more funding to continue sharing these stories, and paying artists to bring these stories to life.

For every $50 we raise we'll be able to share one extra story, and pay a local community artist. We also need to raise a 10% fee for boosted, so every dollar donated counts. If you can't donate, please share our video, or contribute your story to our project.

Thank you so much to all the people who've helped support this project, contributed their experiences, and shared the stories across the internet. Your support means so much! 


*This phrase is used to cover a range of identities that fall widely under the Rainbow umbrella, we recognise that these words might not be the most preferred terms for everyone.

**Youth '12 Survey: http://www.arataiohi.org.nz/images/uploads/general/Y12_Same_or_both_sex_attracted_commerical_print.pdf and http://www.arataiohi.org.nz/images/uploads/general/Y12_Transgender_colour_commercial_print.pdf