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Kia Ora

We are Kemi & Niko, an artist duo from Wellington.

We salvage our materials, peddle nature, engage communities, and share our art freely. This has resulted in a body of work we are proud of, a beautiful and useful live-in studio and a wide range of talents, materials and communities that we treasure.

If you're reading this, you have probably encountered our art before. That is the best introduction we could hope for as our art is who we really are. That feeling of discovery, surrounded by nature, is what inspires us. Whatever the context, this is what we are aiming for. It excites us too.

We've brought you here today to ask you a favour.

We're hugely excited to have been selected to participate in a unique artist residency program in Victoria, Australia in April. And we're seeking your support to help make this experience even better by covering our flights and camp fees. 

Time_Place_Space: Nomad is a 10-day art immersion camp where we can connect and collaborate with our international peers, free from domestic routine and parenting responsibilities. While there, we'll run a workshop demonstrating how to turn the humble tin can into a valuable resource, as well as participating in other artist run workshops and the camp schedule.

Thanks for playing along

We are forever grateful for the support and enthusiasm our widespread community gives us. Your active engagement in our projects over the years allows us to continue to innovate, create and share our skills with the world.

We are dedicated to living this art life wherever it may take us and right now it's taking us to Australia.

We ask you to please donate something towards our attendance at TPS: Nomad 2018.

With gratitude,

Kemi & Niko


p.s We made you some free gifts!

To make us feel better about asking for your help (and to make this campaign way more fun!) we made you some gifts and have hidden them around Wellington, Dunedin and Nelson. Attend the Giftitude 2018 facebook event to get realtime notifications when a new artwork is ready to be found. 

More info about Giftitude 2018


  • Last day, Last Gift!


    Today we hid our last #giftitude2018 artwork in Otari Wilton bush. Original Mini Hut has been in our art family since it was created out a block of mac and tin cans in 2014. This hut was the prototype for the Miniature Hikes huts project (2014 - 2016). It then lived in Rolleston Heights; our out of doors R&D lab, in Mount Cook, Wellington. See our instagram story highlight for #OGMiniHut photo history.

    Tim Park, Wellington’s local park ecologist, found the hut using a combination of climbing, gps and visual clues this afternoon. He has been a long-time supporter of our work and already has a smaller version of OG Mini Hut in his collection. Thanks for your support Tim!

    And thanks Wellington, Dunedin and Nelson for playing #Giftitude2018! We hope to bring you more fun in the future.

    We are so close to our goal and are hugely grateful to all our donors! See our facebook page for cool posts that you can share with your friends and help us get over the line before 8pm! 

    Much love,

    Kemi & Niko

    Last day, Last Gift!
  • Thanks for a great day Wellington!


    The watershed sweeps everything over the land and into the sea, ultimately.
    Our Watershed came down the bushy slopes of Rolleston Heights and entered the Papawai Stream today.
    Here it will stand.
    Here it will speak of how we effect our waterways
    Of where everything eventually ends up
    Of how we are all connected to the sea

    Some acknowledgments for today's event:
    Thanks Nature Through Arts Collective for originally commissioning Watershed in 2015 and making the vision a reality!
    Thanks to the Papawai Reserve Group for being amazing kaitiaki to our local clean, beautiful stream!
    Thanks to Birgit Bachler for doing important and interesting mahi communicating Papawai stream's perspective!
    Thanks to Kena Duignan for getting our Tamariki into the bush, water and neighbourhood!
    Thanks Sea Week for doing incredible, exhaustive work promoting all the protectors of the Sea!
    Thanks #ParksWeek Tim Park for promoting and maintaining Wellington's awesome parks and green spaces.
    Thanks to all who came today!
    Thanks to all who have played or will play with Watershed!
    Thank you Papawai Stream for hosting Watershed
    Thank you Parks for letting us play everyday
    Thank you Sea for giving us life
    Thank you!

    And lastly thank you for helping us fundraise successfully. Drop your koha in this box if you haven't already!

    Thanks for a great day Wellington!
  • It's all go!


    Wow we are blown away with your support so far! Keep it up awesome humans, we will not dissapoint.

    We'll always keep making fun art and this art camp will mean we can get better, faster! Help us get to 100%! No donation is too small!

    #Giftitude2018 is going strong. Wellington has already had a few hunts and Dunedin and Nelson had their first taste this weekend. We're getting great feedback that the hunts are the perfect difficulty level and even if the hunters didn't find the gift, they are enjoying the walks! 

    Join the Facebook event to stay in the loop.

    Talk again soon!

    K & N






    It's all go!
  • Giftitude 2018 is go!


    Our first art hunt gift has been hidden and found in Wellington, and the second is all set for this weekend!

    Click attending or interested in the Facebook Event to get notified on the day at artwork is ready to be found in your town. Dunedin and Nelson will get a piece of the action from the 24th of Feb. 

    It's our little way of showing our gratitude for all your participation over the years. 


    Kemi & Niko

    Giftitude 2018 is go!