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Our Grandfather Is The Jaguar

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My name is Sam Hamilton,

And I'm making a book, a book about the world.

A book about situations and propositions. About the matter and anti-matter of nature, and all that matters in-between. About answers and questions dropping their weapons and joining forces. About being in love, deeply, blindly, boldly in love. A book about the getting tipsy on the infinitude of possibilities. Of exploring, finding, making, breaking, enduring and dying. About taking a deep breath of air and not letting it out until you know each and every atom inside that breath's first name off by heart. A book entirely, wholly and passionately about sex. Sex, science, meditating physicists, mathematics and Parisian punk clubs. A book about evolution, and revolution. About unfolding the tendrils of your minds to interconnect with the tendrils of everyone else's minds like the fungal filaments that connect all plants across the planet. It's about cultural constructs and ideologies and symbolisms tango with the psyche. It's about botany, hermitic weirdoes and sacrificial altars. It's about the desert. Tis about the secret magnum opus's of lost civilizations and soil compounds. It's about the cries of wild animals heard in the depths of the mystic nocturne and their relationship to economics, flow charts, hedge funds and stock exchanges.

It's a mosaical navigation of all of these things through the spatial, temporal, conceptual and psychological tapestries of existence… it's about capturing shit with my camera, or arranging reality to mimic hypothetical understandings of reality to set off the cyclical rhythms of extended interpretation inherent in the mechanics of how we digest information… it's about rock & roll.

 It's book, and a book is like a fish.

There is no such thing as a fish because many things we call fish are actually more genetically and biologically related to birds, insects or trees than other so called "fish". So technically speaking, a fish, or book in my case, can be anything, a book could be a fish and a fish could be a book. I wonder what Kurt Gudel would say about this?

Anyhow, I think you'll like it. I like it, that's why I'm making it so…

One final note. This book is not being made as a commercial venture, it is a book of art, which to me is something that's nothing short of sacred, and it is infact my express desire to remove it as far away from the sphere's of commercialism. The sum requested is the sum required solely for the physical printing costs to produce 500 copies of the book (which btw if I haven't mentioned yet is a 152 page A3 sized book of colour artwork that will be printed right here in New Zealand). And once printed, this book will be made available entirely free of charge so that it may enter immediately into path of life just like Patty Smith pissing into a river.

This book is not an advertisement for anything, its not intended to convince you of anything or tell you whats what.  I don't want to make money making it, I just want to share it… it's a gift from me… to you.


Sam Hamilton - The Arts Foundation


  • hello friends, lovers, haters and casual associates....


    just an update to let you know how things are going with the OUR GRANDFATHER IS THE JAGUAR and other projects...

    I've just spent a month in the US where i released my new record INTEGRIFOLIA (see the new music video here: or come to the record release party in Auckland tonight - friday!  as well as finishing off some final mini projects for the OUR GRANDFATHER IS THE JAGUAR project including a video/stills shoot of a water fall taking a solo on a drum kit on the Pacific North West US coast which was rather fun!

    anyhow, i'm back in Auckland now and wanted to get in touch and show you a collection of 'preview' panels of some of the work that will feature in the book ... hope you like ;)


    hello friends, lovers, haters and casual associates....

Sam Hamilton

Sam Hamilton is an inter-disciplinary artist from New Zealand who when not projecting abroad, resides in the sovereign state of K’rd, Auckland.

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